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Tiffany Shepis & Tonya Kay Want You To Bleed For A Good Cause In BLOODY BURLESQUE

Roman Media Inc. joins forces with Flirt Films to present award winning filmmaker Patricia Chica’s Bloody Burlesque, part of an anthology of horror shorts for the annual Massive Blood Drive PSA, curated by the Soska Sisters (American Mary, Hellevator). The infamous identical twin cinéastes invite you to bleed for a good cause. Donating blood is…

HELLEVATOR A Terrifying New Game Show From Blumhouse


Premiering this Wed Oct 21 8/7c on Game Show Network, is HELLEVATOR, the terrifying new game show from Blumhouse and hosted by the Soska Sisters. It’s an exciting time for horror within the TV realm. We have the hottest show – The Walking Dead, ZNation, the under-rated Scream TV series, and Fear The Walking dead….



2014 was a great year for horror films, both independent and larger budget fare.  The Mouse and I have narrowed down our top ten list for the site.  So here is LeglessCorpse’s first official top ten horror films of the year post!  We look forward to providing many more! These are in no specific order;…

The Horrific State Of Horror Conventions


I used to love going to horror conventions, specifically the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors by Creation Entertainment. I used to go EVERY year religiously no matter what. I would get there, pay my fee, grab a ton of free swag at the table where movie companies set out goodies from their upcoming genre releases. Then…

PHANTASM RAVAGER: The Trailer Exhumed – What You Probably Missed


Dustin McNeill here, Chief Archivist of the Phantasm Archives ( and author of the upcoming book, Phantasm Exhumed ( Chad and Andrew have so far walked you through the first four Phantasm films. There’s been a lot of blood spilled along the way, much of it yellow, and we’ve now arrived at the newest series…

A Message To Our Readers

I just wanted to tke a moment to say thank you to all the horror fans that have stopped by the site and we hope you continue to stop by. Our readership has grown tremendously since we launched at the beginning of Feb. of this year. That couldn’t have happened without you. What makes us…