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The Birth Of WYRMWOOD A Discussion With Director Kiah Roache-Turner

wyrmwoodsmDirector Kiah Roache-Turner was in Australia, having a few beers with his brother Tristan as they developed the idea for what would later become the thrill ride WYRMWOOD. What started out as a small project that they could finish entirely in “about a year” soon turned into an adventure of a lifetime.

“We shot without permits, we shot in our friends backyards. We had the cops roll up on us one time, guns drawn and all because they heard there was a stabbing. It was just one of our zombies eating someone,” Turner said in an interview for the Crypt Family and Crypt affiliates.

Turner consistently emphasized what a blast it was making the film, but no matter how fun making it was it can’t possibly be half as fun as watching it. The film follows Barry, a talented mechanic who’s sister Brooke is kidnapped by a sinister team of gas-mask wearing soldiers and is experiment on ruthlessly by The Doc. Barry teams up with fellow survivor Benny to save his sister as they brace themselves to battle hordes of zombies in the unforgiving Australian terrain.

Part of what makes the film so special is the inspiration of the zombies and the execution of the story by Kiah and Tristan. The brothers were inspired by a star called Wyrmwood from Revelations and purposely left mystery on the origin of where the zombies came from.

“I’m sick of virus movies,” Turner said. “we wanted big, mythological themes with the film. When there is no explanation of where something came from it is so much scarier.”

WYRMWOOD, which has drawn comparisons to MAD MAX, is a thrilling experience and Turner recommends you watch the movie with a group.

“Have a few beers, be with an audience and just go wild with,” Turner suggests.

The movie is wild and we here at The Crypt can’t think of a better way to spend your Friday the 13th!

You can download the movie here:


The Birth Of WYRMWOOD A Discussion With Director Kiah Roache-Turner

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