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ELI ROTH And THE CRYPT ReInvent Digital Entertainment Via Vine

Eli Roth’s Crypt Party Gets Crazy

Late last night I received a text for me to keep an eye on The Crypt’s Vine account (I know someone, who knows someone, who may know someone, that works with The Crypt ha) because there is a party being hosted by Eli Roth and things will probably get crazy. They sure as fuck do!

There is some footage from the party as the guest post having fun and goofing around, you know normal Vine-fair, using the hashtag #CRYPTPARTY. Then there is a Vine of all the guests all assembled in the houses entry-way (it was a pretty big house). As you hear someone off camera welcoming everyone to the party the lights go out for a second, when they come on Viner Brendon McNerney is lying on the floor, motionless, his head enveloped in a pool of crimson. After this, all bets are off. It’s a “Who Done it” Clue type setting, and all done in short bursts of 6 seconds, through Vine.

The guests that were assembled were all prominent and popular Viners. So not only do you get a view of what’s happening from The Crypt’s account, there are other angles from the others Vining as well. Which is pretty fuckin cool.

After McNerney goes down there is a Vine posted by someone in a duck mask and black hoodie saying he/she’s “going to kill all viners”. After this the guests start dropping one at a time. Not just dropping like cheesy Vine videos, but are dispatched in blood-spray goodness. There’s stabbing, head bashing thanks to a tree, a drowning (mid-selfie by the way), a head bash with a dumbell, more stabbing, some strangling, necks get broken, and a little more stabbing.

Along the killing spree the killer Vines from The Crypt’s account “who should I kill next”? Genius, not only is there some multiple angles of the footage, but interaction with the killer. This is like a “found footage” movie on crack and as close to real-time as you could probably get.

The duration of the series was a couple of hours long to have all the Vines posted, starting with McNerney and ending with Ry Doon. But THOUSANDS of Vine users could not put their phones down. Some commenting if what was happening was real, or not. Eli himself interacted via Twitter answered some Twitter follower and re-tweeting some of the viewers Tweets about what was happening.

I have not seen a better entertainment experienced that was digital media, or even in a movie theater. I was glued to my phone and was so excited about what was going down and how everyone of the guests were so into their roles, none of it felt fake, or staged, it felt genuine. It was exhilarating to watch.

The last Vine was of the killer, still masked, toying with us as if they were going to reveal themselves, but doesn’t. Just a post that read, “we’ll be back soon to kill the ones we missed”. What Viner is the killer? We’ll just have to  wait and see.

Follow the crypt on Vine here you do not miss the next event. Download The Crypt app here.


Below are some screenshots from the mayhem!


McNerney goes Down at the CryptParty
Matt King gets a little head-bashing from The Crypt
Char Cherette gets a good ol’ head-bashing from a tree

ELI ROTH And THE CRYPT ReInvent Digital Entertainment Via Vine

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