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Obviously, it makes most of us Fellow Fans really happy when we can just get swept up in a scare flick; I mean, just really get sucked into the world that’s on the screen and be in the moment, laughing/crying/suffering/screaming right along with the characters.  If not for that emotional catharsis, what’s the point of any film at […]

THE DOOR First Clip Released Online

“THE DOOR” Available On DVD On October 28th, 2014, On-line On October 14, 2014. (Toronto, ON) – Switchblade Studios and Good Soldier Films have awarded the Canadian home video rights for their new horror feature THE DOOR to Black Fawn Distribution. The film will be released on DVD in Canada on October 28, 2014. Juice […]

Help Fund DIRTY WHEN DEAD and watch CREAM for FREE!

Horror novelist turned film director Asa Bailey ( is attempting to create a new cyclonic crowd funding model. I hear you, WTF is that supposed to mean. Well let me explain. Basically Asa has come with the idea of giving you a copy of his last film, as a perk, if you donate towards his […]

TRICK ‘R TREAT (2007): Review…THIS Is Halloween.

There’s a certain magic in the air around the Halloween season; the falling leaves, the gentle chill in the air…it hearkens back to memories of my childhood, back when trick-or-treating was an all-night affair (well, all night to me back then was from dark until nine or ten o’clock).  We didn’t start when it was […]

DEAD WITHIN (2014): Review…Who Needs Zombies?

Dead Within, released this year, is the zombie movie that wasn’t.  Despite the fact that a zombie invasion is killing off the world’s population, you’ll only catch one small glimpse of one.  Nevertheless, you will see plenty of craziness – and it’s well done craziness that proves you don’t need a lot of action to […]

ZOMBIE HOOD: Grab Your 40ozs! Coming from BrinkVision

BrinkVision releases the U.K. horror ZOMBIE HOOD in North America on VOD and Limited Edition DVD on October 21st! ZOMBIE HOOD has been called impressive, gory, odd-humored, and fun. The film is fragmented into parts, introducing characters skillfully into the chaos that is the post-apocalyse battleover of England. Zombie Hood is exciting indie horror showcasing […]

HELL HOUNDS: A Comedy of Terrors

HELL HOUNDS blends elements of hot sexy fun and comedic characters with an already enormously popular genre, The Horror Film!! HELL HOUNDS is a supernatural horror film filled with demons, ghouls, scares, thrills, terror, comedy… and a goodly amount of sex!! A little something for everybody. Although there are a lot of laughs in the […]

BERKSHIRE COUNTY (2014): Review…Little Pig, Little Pig…

To be completely honest, what first enlightened me to reach out to the folks associated with Berkshire County was the poster; it’s absolutely brilliant in my eyes.  The color contrast was dark and dreary, the font was absolutely perfect, and the masked Pig-Man (because that is the first name that popped into my head) illuminated by […]

LIGHT VS DARK: Aliens, Angels, And Science

From the official Light Vs. Dark Indiegogo Campaign A doctor holds an alien hostage, torturing him for answers about his presence on earth. Despite the fact that the alien repeatedly denies knowing anything, the doctor is relentless. Suddenly, two angels appear to the alien, and ask him if he is ready to ascend. The alien […]