The world has lost an icon. Actor, singer, director, poet, photographer, author, and teacher Leonard Nimoy passed from this life today.  He was eighty-three. Although he’s primarily known for his contributions to the sci-fi genre, most particularly, of course, Star Trek, he’s earned mention here at the ‘Corpse for two reasons: First and foremost, let’s […]

Win GHOST BRIDE On DVD Courtesy Of Midnight Releasing

Win GHOST BRIDE On DVD Courtesy Of Midnight Releasing To enter please fill out the form below (after the trailer). Include GHOST BRIDE in the subject line. Include your name, mailing address and date of birth in the body of the form.  Any submissions missing DOB will be dismissed.  We will do the rest.  Contest closes […]

The Practical People Episode II: Matt Winston

Join host Christopher Moonlight for the second episode of this all new, all practical effects oriented podcast, The Practical People. We are once again honored to have with us an amazing individual in the world of practical effects. If you’re a fan of Terminator, Aliens, Predator, Pumpkinhead, Jurassic Park, or Galaxy Quest, then you’re not […]

MEMORY LANE coming on March 24th

A brilliant science thriller that has been compared to independent sci-fi classics Pi, Memento, and Primer. Shawn Holmes, an Afghan War veteran, spent the last of of his savings to make “Memory Lane.” The psychological thriller tells the story of a war veteran who travels the real world and the afterlife in search of his […]

THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (2014): Review…A Respectful Remake/Sequel Worth Watching

Being somewhat of a horror-flick purist (and old fogey; there, I said it before someone else did), I’m typically pretty suspicious of remakes, re-imaginings, or reboots — whatever it’s polite to call films that either attempt to recapture the glory of films past or update them for modern audiences; although I do run across one every now and again […]