DEVIL INCARNATE 2013: Certainly Worth Seeing

The Devil Incarnate was surprisingly a pleasant film for me to watch. The film consists of blended hand held and standard type shooting and brings the viewers elements of exorcism, supernatural events and the standard pregnant woman that goes crazy vibe. The film begins with an excellent Game Of Thrones type music- think Red Wedding. […]

WEREWOLF RISING (2014): Review…Not Quite There

Hey y’all, I have a little word of advice…if you are a recovering alcoholic who is suffering from nightmares and strange visions, the best place to go is prob not a cabin in the woods.  With no cell reception.  Alone.  Unfortunately, no one gave this advice to Emma, who decided that was a great idea.  […]

Maniacs . . . in Animal Masks! THE BADGER GAME

At first glance, The Badger Game may look like another kidnapping-gone-awry thriller but come on, these weirdoes are wearing animal masks and if you’ve seen You’re Next, you know that any dude that puts on a lamb mask and wields a machete is a total psychopath. The Badger Game puts a spin on that. In […]

AFTER SCHOOL MASSACRE Coming to VOD November 4th

We loved this film when we reviewed it as TEACHERS’ DAY. Now Jared Masters throwback slasher flick gets a wider release through Brain Damage Films. Click here to check out our review of Teachers’ Day. Or our interview with Masters here. Brain Damage Films invites you to sleep over with After School Massacre on VOD this […]

DEAD GIRLS (2014): Review…Coming To VOD October 2nd

Like I’m sure many of you Fellow Fans are, I’m one o’ those that’s a fan of anthology films.  Trick ‘r Treat, Campfire Tales, V/H/S; even oldies but goodies like the original Amicus productions of Tales From The Crypt and Vault Of Horror; I simply love ‘em.  It’s like getting several horror flicks in one; three […]

Hold On… FREE FALL Coming in October From Anchor Bay

Just like people, corporations can hold secrets. And for those who uncover them, silence is not only golden, but sometimes it is the difference between life and death. On October 28th, Anchor Bay Entertainment will present the intense suspense thriller Free Fall on Blu-ray™ and DVD. The feature directorial debut of Malek Akkad (producer of […]