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DEVIL INCARNATE 2013: Certainly Worth Seeing

THE DEVIL INCARNATE Coming October 7th

The Devil Incarnate was surprisingly a pleasant film for me to watch. The film consists of blended hand held and standard type shooting and brings the viewers elements of exorcism, supernatural events and the standard pregnant woman that goes crazy vibe.

The film begins with an excellent Game Of Thrones type music- think Red Wedding. A haunting tune that is an excellent start to the film.  The story of Alina Petrovora and how she had made a deal with the Devil is revealed. Something tragic had happened to her and in exchange of seeking revenge on those that inflicted pain on her, she promises the Devil children.

After we hear the story of Alina, a disheveled Marissa Davidson appears on screen, her head shaven and she is being questioned on some footage found on her camera. Clearly the chain of events that have transpired have been tragic. Marissa tells the detectives that the footage shows happier times in the lives of Holly and Trevor Davidson.

Cut to, an extremely excited couple, Trevor and Holly, who are on their honeymoon with their pup. During their little adventure, they visit a psychic that is recommended to them by a homeless man. It is during their visit to an extremely creepy psychic in an equally creepier home that Holly witnesses something in a room that forever changes her life.

The scene of Holly losing it in the home of the crazy lady sets the tone of the rest of the film. Holly finds out she is pregnant and after the discovery that she is with child, a string of events leads her husband back to investigate what Holly saw in that home. But he is in a for a big shock when he does return, leaving him with more questions than answers.

The tone of the film is dark and it’s dark throughout the whole film; something I don’t see in a lot of independent films I view. I feel that if the true premise of a film is to keep it dark, then the underlying tones of the film in it’s entirety should also include this element.

The acting of Graci Carili [Holly], Rod Luzzi, [Trevor] and Emily Rogers [Marissa] are phenomenal. They truly brace their characters and having believable characters is extremely important in horror films. The score was excellent, sound is just as important as display, and the haunting and eerie music was played up very nicely.

What I felt ddidn’twork was the ending. It left too much for me to imagine. Given what we hear in the beginning of the film, it is only natural the audience is led to believe that somehow the beginning will tie into the ending. I felt the ending was too rushed, and perhaps the film doesn’t want to dumb down the viewers and let the audience imagine what could have happened rather than just flat out giving it to them.

Gustavo Cooper did a great job as the director of the film and I felt he took the direction of the film in the direction it should have-   a series of events leading to the inevitable.

The film is most certainly worth seeing, and with the Halloween season approaching, this film is a great flick to get you in the mood.

The Devil Incarnate will be available on DVD October 7th.


DEVIL INCARNATE 2013: Certainly Worth Seeing

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