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Interview with Director STEVEN PAUL JUDD – THE BUTCHERS

The Butchers
History’s most renowned experts in slice and dice serve up fresh cuts in The Butchers, hitting DVD and VOD on November 11 from Uncork’d Entertainment. A who’s who of real-life horror unite for the funny, frightening horror jaunt from director Steven Paul Judd.
Stranded in the middle of nowhere during a storm, a busload of strangers have no choice but to take shelter in a museum dedicated to serial killers. But hell literally breaks loose when supernatural forces resurrect a horror hall of fame including John Wayne Gacy, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Zodiac Killer, and Jack the Ripper.

We spoke to Judd about the terrific new horror pic.

LEGLESS CORPSE: What an ingenious idea. Where did it come from?

STEVEN PAUL JUDD: The idea was created from our producer/writer Stephen Durham. He created the concept and developed it with the cowriter David McClellan and also one of the actors Jacob Hobbs who played Kip.

LC: Was there anyone – character wise – you wanted to get in the movie but couldn’t?

SPJ: Vlad the Impaler

LC: When you’re doing a film featuring real-life characters like Gein and Gacy do you have seek permission to do so or are they free for the taking?

SPJ: I’m not sure the procedure the production staff went through. But I think pretty much they are public domain. I left all the legal matters to the production team and lawyers. I was just honoured to direct this project.

LC: When you’re casting those roles do you look for actors that embody the spirit of those characters or do you cast someone that’s a ‘dead ringer’ looks wise?

SPJ: You know, most of casting was done by the time I came onto the project. It was cast out of LA, and by the time I signed on, I was able to look at like the final few audition tapes.

LC: We were racking our brains trying to think of any similar-themed movies. What about you? Was it inspired by any other film? I suppose you could say it’s the horror version of A Night at the Museum!?

Director Steven Paul Judd

SPJ: Haha, yeah A Night at the Museum with Serial Killers is how I describe it as well.

LC: I heard Don Mancini has seen the film. How do you know him ?

SPJ: I met Don a few years ago through one of the producers of the Butchers, David Dittlinger. He came to our “cast & crew” screening that we had in LA. I was super excited that he gave us a quote for the film. Not only do I dig his movies, but he’s a great guy as well.

LC: The film wasn’t originally titled “The Butchers” – how did the name change come about?

SPJ: Yeah the original title was Death Factory. But the distributors thought the title change would be more catchy. For instance in the UK they changed it to The Factory. It all has to do with marketing and what appeals to the public. Again things that are out of my hands I’ll leave it to the production staff and distribution companies.

LC: Is there any chance we might see a “Butchers 2”?

SPJ: Well you’re not the first person to ask that. Without giving anything away, yes! We’re very excited to already have a distribution deal in place for The Butchers 2. And we’re looking for principal photography to start in May of 2015.


Interview with Director STEVEN PAUL JUDD – THE BUTCHERS

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