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ANNABELLE Hits Theatres Today!

Annabelle Opens TODAY

A ghostly tale of a possessed doll is certainly what strikes the mood for the signal of Halloween.

But the doll that is in the movie isn’t quite the doll that the original story is based on. The original Annabelle is actually a mere, very normal looking Raggedy Ann doll.

The story goes that the original doll was purchased in the 70’s and given to a young girl from her mother. After a while, the doll appeared to move on its own accord, often switching places from where it was originally placed. It appears that the doll was possessed by a young girl named Annabelle who was murdered on the lot of the apartment where the young girl lived.

In The Conjuring we meet Ed and Lorraine Warren who are paranormal investigators, these are the same individuals that took the doll home with them after they determined that the spirit that resided in the doll was far too evil to stay in the area where she had died.

The doll has been locked in a secured case which has a warning over it, “DANGER! DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!” A ghastly warning for all that visit the Warren museum, located in New England.

In the film Annabelle, the viewers are led to believe that the creepy looking doll [and that is saying a lot, because the newly invented Annabelle is a lot more terrifying than its predecessor] became evil after the blood of an individual from a satanic cult leaked into the eye of the doll. From the series of events that occur, it appears that the woman has now taken form within the doll and that is when the supernatural series of events begin to occur.

This movie his highly anticipated for horror fans as it provides a more deeper look into the doll we see in The Conjuring but also because it is based on a true story. We all know that a good horror tale involving moving and talking dolls is truly horrifying.

Can you imagine waking up to Annabelle rocking gently next to you, in a rocking chair, next to your bed? What if you didn’t even have a rocking chair?

Warner Brothers will be releasing the film on October 3, 2014 for a worldwide release in over 52 markets this weekend.

Creepy Dolls Rule!


ANNABELLE Hits Theatres This Today!

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