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WRONGED: There will be no heroes in this film…


David and Andrea have recently lost their third child that they were expecting. David, unable to accept that bad things happen to good people for no reason other than the apparent indifference of the universe, has begun to suffer from fits of rage. At the request of their marriage counselor, he and Andrea join David’s father and brother on a hunting trip as they try and repair their marriage and accept what they have lost. But what they will find on this trip instead is a grief that no human being should have to suffer. Finding themselves face to face with a violent, uncaring group of thieves and mercenaries, David and Andrea will have to decide if their humanity or the lives of their family members are more important to them as they endure a torrent of violence and retribution for what has been taken from them.
Wronged will be a film that aims to capture the true nature and emotion of violence and pair it alongside the beauty and tragedy of loss and grief. The film’s soundtrack will be a completely original score as well with mostly string and orchestral composition. Featuring actors from around the world, a cast of fresh, talented actors have been brought together to tell this story.

The short and skinny of it? They need your help to make this film!
Nicholas Holland, a new face in the horror underground and who recently finished and released his directorial debut Hunger Unholy (2013), will be stepping behind the camera again for his second feature film Wronged. Several actors from Hunger Unholy will be returning with him along with several recognized names from the genre. While their names cannot be announced publicly yet, you can expect to recognize actors from such films as The Devil’s Rejects and special effects artists from films such as Jumanji, Ravenous, and The Faculty.

To help support these filmmakers and the film jump on over to their indiegogo campaign and share their film!

WRONGED: There will be no heroes in this film…

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Chad Armstrong

President/Co-Owner at LC Films
Chad Armstrong is a writer/producer/director who was born and raised in Long Beach CA. In 2009 he relocated to Alabama where he founded LeglessCorpse, a site dedicated to independent horror films, and soon after created the indie horror distribution company LeglessCorpse Films (currently known as LC Films). Not only is he co-owner of and LC Films he is also President of the newly formed Back Aisle Video label. Chad's most recent feature film is Deimosimine, and currently in development on the feature film Blood Dancers 2: Full Moon.