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Director Jabbar Raisani Takes Us On A Thrill Ride In IFC Midnight’s ALIEN OUTPOST

Alien Outpost
Alien Outpost

IFC Midnight’s new sci-fi hit ALIEN OUTPOST is an immensely entertaining thrill ride. The film, which follows a unit of soldiers through the eyes of a documentary crew in the wake of an alien invasion, has been very well received amongst genre fans but what helps the picture stand out is the incredible quality of visual effects that are impressive by any standards, let alone for a movie without a big studio budget.

The man behind those effects was also behind the camera and the story. Director Jabbar Raisani wore almost every hat imaginable over a grueling process to make ALIEN OUTPOST a well worth it reality.

“There was so much planning for this film,” Raisani said. “A lot of people said to me you can’t get this done at this price but I told them I could make up for cost with just time in. So I actually moved to South Africa for months before the film to plan out every shot. There was a ton of preparation time but it allowed us to go into shooting with the confidence we could pull everything in the script off the way we wanted to.”

Raisani has vast experience and impressive credential in the visual effects world. Raisani has worked most notably on HBO’s hit GAME OF THRONES and serve as a visual effects supervisor and consultant on hits like PREDATORS, MACHETE and FRIGHT NIGHT, amongst others. Oh, and even though he co-wrote the script AND directed ALIEN OUTPOST Raisani also served as the visual effects supervisor on Outpost.

Talk about no rest for the weary.

“As a director you hardly ever take your foot off the gas, but typically in post there’s other people helping out. Alien Outpost had 322 visual effects shots. That is a ton for any movie, especially for this budget. At the end we had a dozen shots left, so I just did them myself. So for me it never ended until right to the very end.”

Raisani’s immersion into every aspect of the film pays off in what is truly a memorable thriller. And there is more Outpost to come as Outpost as not only a potential sequel but a potential prequel coming as well.

You can download Alien Outpost on iTunes:

Director Jabbar Raisani Takes Us On A Thrill Ride In IFC Midnight’s Alien Outpost

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