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Review of HAVEN by Stevie Kopas, Part Two in an Apocalypse Trilogy

HAVEN by Stevie Kopas
We’re all familiar with the concept of zombies as a carnal version of humanity. With their critical thinking stripped they lack the ability to hide their intentions or actions, so they roam the streets until something comes along they can catch and eat or something kills it.  While their danger lies in numbers a single human with strong ambition, paired with the advantages of creativity and stealth, can pose an unpredictable threat (be it to zombies or one another.)

In Kopas’ follow up novel, Haven, she explores how even in the apocalypse we are one of our own greatest threats. Her writing continues to showcase her understanding of the human psyche and she has used that as a basis for the most horrifying danger in her work so far– a survivor pushed to the brinks of irrationality by fear, and bent on self-preservation at all costs. As our crew from The Breadwinner attempt to rebuild some sibilance of the world they’ve lost the integrity of their progress may be threatened by the impulsive actions of one of the living. Distracted by the tragedies experienced by all and the hard work of fortifying their safety, the biggest threat they face may go unnoticed.

The Haven takes us to a new town and gives us new perspectives on what state the world is in. It is a seamless continuance of its predecessor and once again Kopas’ story has me excited to see its conclusion.

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