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BLOOD ROOT – New Horror Anthology Hits The Scene

Blood Root #1

Sculpter/Cartoonist Shing Yin Khor has put together a stunning anthology of Horror Comics.  The first issue of Blood Root came out this month and is filled with four beautifully illustrated short tales.

The first (my favorite) by James Neish tells the story of a loving husband and the horrific secret his family keeps.  Neish did a fantastic job of utilizing his comic’s layout to give the reader as much information in a few span of pages as possible, which certainly lended to the story.

The next story by Elise Vermeulen is about revenge in a small town circus.  Vermeulen mentions on the back page her aspirations to become a comic illustrator, so hopefully her appearance in the anthology will jumpstart a successful career.  The linework style was beautiful and lively, standing strong as the only colorless comic.

To understand the next story I had to read up on the marassa of Haitian Vodou culture since I didn’t know enough about it to fully grasp what was happening.  Most of the text for this story is styled like a cryptic mantra and the majority of the story is told visually.  Both Drew Rausch and Jocelyn Gajeway worked together to create this alluring submission.


The last story from Tarwater Studios comes off like a fragment of a larger ghostly tale and features an eerie monochromatic illustration style.

If you would like to get your own copy of Blood Root #1 it is available for free download here or you can order a physical copy here.



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