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A Quick Chat With Actress/Filmmaker Jessica Cameron

Jessica Cameron

Actress, producer, and (with the upcoming Truth Or Dare) director Jessica Cameron is pretty busy in the horror business.  With a resume boasting over forty (to date) films and shorts, and several upcoming projects either beginning soon or in various stages of production, this talented and lovely lady is definitely moving and shaking in the genre we Fellow Fans hold so dear.

Despite the dearth of work she commits herself to, Jessica still took a little time out to talk to us here at LeglessCorpse.

LeglessCorpse:  First off, I certainly do appreciate your taking time out of your whirlwind schedule to talk to little ol’ me; I know your time is valuable, so I’ll get right to it:

You set out to be a fashion designer; you’ve even demonstrated those talents on television; at what point did you know that acting was your calling?

Jessica Cameron: When I walked onto the set of my first real project I knew that I was home. It was the set of a film called The Dead Matter, and it was actually my first “real” audition. The energy on a film set is phenomenal, and this set was no exception. There were zombies and vampires; it was the greatest madness. The special effects were done by Bob Kurtzman’s studio, so needless to say they were amazing! It was unlike anything had ever felt before. I volunteered to come back and play a zombie just so that I could get on the set again. We actually ran late and into the early morning hours; I had to shower at one of the other actor’s hotel rooms and then drive over an hour and sleep in my car at my day job so that I would not be late…but it was worth it.  I was in love.

LC: Although you’ve had other types of roles (drama, comedy, reality), you seem very comfortable in the horror genre. What is it that appeals to you the most about it?

JC: Horror has always been my favorite genre to watch, ever since I was a kid. The feeling of being scared always frightened me but made me feel alive like nothing else. As an actor I like how the horror genre allows me the opportunity to play with extreme circumstances; I find this to be very fulfilling.  Also, the crews on a horror film are always the most fun to work with since they are usually genre fans themselves. Its not about a paycheck but about their passion for the genre.

Jessica Cameron in Truth Or Dare

LC: I would love to say I’ve seen all of your films, but there are just so many! Those that I have seen, of course, you never disappoint.  How do you keep such a prolific schedule and still have time to, you know; breathe?

JC:  I don’t sleep ; ) Kidding…well kind of. I sleep 4-6 hours a night on average and I work every moment of every day. If I am not on a set then I am working on my next film, on my next script, or working to get cast . I am lucky since I love my job so it does not feel like work, just fun ; ) It comes down to sacrifice, and for me everything comes AFTER my films, the work is my priority. This can make for a pretty lackluster social calendar let me assure you, but it’s worth it in the end!

LC: With the upcoming Truth Or Dare, you’ve now exhibited a real talent for direction in addition to your acting. I know you also worked on the script for that film, and had a hand in producing in the past.   Which part of the business appeals to you the most?

JC: Acting is my first love, followed by producing.  I love bringing horrific visions to life ; ) I don’t mind directing but I don’t have the same passion for it, and I don’t care much for writing, though I love telling stories. For me nothing compares to bringing a character to life in front of the camera, its my favorite part! I also love the family environment of a film set, being surrounded by like-minded, passionate friends while creating something that the fans will love it just the best way for me to live my life.

LC: Besides the acclaim-garnering Truth Or Dare (which I’m dying to see), you have an impressive list of upcoming projects; so many that I won’t even try to ask you to describe them. Instead, I’ll go another direction: Of all the films you’ve done (with people like Jim Wynorski and Jeff Burr), what’s been your favorite? Any fond memories or anecdotes from the set you’d like to share?

JC: I recently shot a film called Utero which was directed by Bryan Coyne. While he is not a household name like those you mentioned, let me assure you that he will be, sooner rather than later! He has this ability to connect with an actor on another level and really guide you through his vision of the script. We had the most amazing effects team for this film (Russell FX in LA) and we did everything we could practical. One of the gags was this prosthetic rig that went off flawlessly, and it looked so amazing that I broke character and had to laugh because it was so wonderful. I don’t want to spoil this scene and tell you the details, but when you watch the film you will know. Bryan let me laugh (some of the other crew chimed in as well), and then very nicely asked me to do it again, but this time look horrified and not break character. There were at least a hundred charming moments on this set – it was an amazing experience!

Jessica Cameron

 LC: I’m duty bound to ask our staple closer here at LeglessCorpse: What’s your favorite scary movie?

JC: It’s always hard to pick a favorite – I assume it’s like a parent picking a favorite child. One of my favorites is American Mary by the Soska Sisters, and you guys are in luck…it’s on NETFLIX INSTANT in the USA NOW. Go watch it, you can thank me later. Katherine Isabelle and Tristan Risk star in it and its one hell of a film. The directors are amazing, insightful, and brilliant. We need more of these films.

I really want to thank Jessica one last time for speaking with us and giving us a little insight into her thoughts and future plans…I’m already hyped about her upcoming films Truth or Dare and Utero, and I still haven’t caught up on her filmography!  We wish her the very best, and look forward to her upcoming projects!



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