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THE LAST HALLOWEEN (2013): Short Film Review…It’s Too Late, Jack

The Last Halloween – 2013

Official Synopsis:

The city is quiet; the streets, deserted.  It doesn’t much feel like Halloween, and yet four young trick-or-treaters – a Ghost, a Devil, a Grim Reaper and a Witch – make their way through the night, door to door and house by house, gathering up an unlikely harvest of kindness amid the devastated wreckage of society’s collapse.

In a world where the only rule is that there are no rules anymore, it is perhaps a fitting irony that it should all come down to this… a simple choice between two starkly different options.

The Last Halloween is here at last, and the time has come to make your choice. So, what will it be? Trick? Or treat?

This haunting tale, based on the comic by Mark Thibodeau and directed by Marc Roussel, is one of my favorite shorts I have come across.  Not only is it visually beautiful, but the story is well laid out with a few twists and turns that most filmmakers can’t get away with in such a short amount of time.  But here Roussel and Thibodeau plot it out perfectly making you want to see what happens to ol’ grumpy Jack, who doesn’t want to get in on the Halloween festivities.  Jack is played beautifully by Ron Basch, I might add.

These kids aren’t all right…

The makeup design is wonderful here as well.  Though it’s not a bloody film, it’s meant more to slowly creep under your skin and then explode its way out from underneath.

It’s hard to review a short film without giving too much away but I will say it’s certainly one to watch!  Marc Roussel is certainly a filmmaker to watch out for, I feel big things coming from him and after watching THE LAST HALLOWEEN, I’m a huge fan!

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