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AXE TO GRIND (2013): Review…A Fun, Campy Slasher Tale

Debbie Rochon stars in Axe To Grind

You don’t see to many horror slashers with female killers; most of the time, it just doesn’t work.  Having a small petite girl killing and hacking up guys that are much bigger than them is something that doesn’t play right in ones mind.  Sure, she may be able to get lucky and pick one or two of them off, but eventually strength would prevail unless the killer was using a gun…and what fun would that be?

But what if the killer was actually stalking out other girls, especially pretty-thing actresses?  That would work, right?  Well it sure does in Axe To Grind, the indie slasher by Director Matt Zettell and staring one of horrors most iconic B-actresses, Debbie Rochon.

Rochon plays Debbie, a B-movie horror actress who’s producer lover leaves her for another (actually many) younger actress(es) after 20 years.  She finds out he is producing a new horror movie and crashes the set taking revenge on all the actresses he has slept with.

Axe To Grind Review Debbie Rochon

There’s not much plot here, it’s more like a compilation of scenes as she stalks and kills everyone on the set; but this isn’t an issue for these types of films.  They are expected, and with a title like Axe To Grind, we just want to see fuckers get killed.

The film is fun, I can say that.  Watching Rochon play the love crazed Debbie is the highlight of this film.  The CGI blood and lack of actual gore effects is a minus here for a slasher, but it’s the cast and the campy acting that really makes this film worth the watch.  The entire cast is great and throws enough camp into the film that you want to see how all the characters fare, and how the twist in the end will turn out, cause there’s always a twist these days.

This is certainly one to check out if you’re into the campy, mindless fun of these types of films. I certainly enjoyed it and feel that many fans of the genre (or sub-genre) will dig.



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