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SCREAM TV Series Pilot Review: A Fitting Series To The Original

image I have to be honest, I haven’t watched anything on MTV for a long time. I tuned out about the time Teen Mom started airing. Though it does have a special place in my heart because it did premiere the amazing John Landis’s Thriller video by Michael Jackson. Not only did it premiere the video on Halloween, they followed it up with an hour-long making-of documentary featuring the amazing FX artist Rick Baker. In the last decade the network has turned to utter shit, though I may get some flak from the younger generation that dosen’t realise the “M” in MTV at one time stood for MUSIC, and now it stand for Mundane. So when the network announced a series based on Wes Craven’s Scream films, I rolled my eyes like thousands of other people; not because the were making a series of the franchise, but because it was being developed by MTV.  Still images surfaced of Ghostface looking like a porcealin blowup doll with a gloryhole mouth and all; that nailed the coffin for me.

But, I was being a closed minded douche-bag like many others, judging before even seeing the initial episode?

A lot of this had to do with me being a huge fan of the original film. Craven, again, revoutionized the genre (as he did after A Nightmare On Elm Street).

So out of boredom, I caught the pilot episode (that they are re-running every 20 minutes it seems). I must say, the show grabs the fun atmosphere of the original film perfectly, and shapes up some great puzzles pieces to a new and intriquing mystery.

The opening scene was in the same vein as the original film: suspenseful, fun, playful, and gruesome, all mixed together. Also, it was surprisingly bloody, with a decapitation and a throat cut, featuring squirting blood and all.

The cast is also wonderful with some characters that are interesting with some hidden secrets, and mysteries that certainly will unravel over time.

Overall, my distaste and loathing for this network almost made me miss out on the start of a damn good series. I just hope they keep up the momentum and blood shed!


SCREAM TV Series Pilot Review: A Fitting Series To The Original

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Chad Armstrong

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