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Interview With MUCK’s Stunning Stephanie Danielson

Muck Poster
LEGLESSCORPSE: You play Kylie in the new horror film Muck, how did you get involved with the project?

STEPHANIE DANIELSON: I was referred by a friend which then led to an audition in front of the director/writer Steve Wolsh. I believe it was a week later that I got the phone call every actor loves….”you got the role!”

LC: Kylie is kind of the staple girl character that lives at the end of horror movies, however, that’s not the case here. Was that something that was talked about as kind of flipping the staples of the genre?

SD: Absolutely! It was part of trying to make the film unpredictable and shocking. Kylie is in med school. She’s smart, opinionated, the girlfriend, and motherly towards her friends. She’s a fighter, protective, and strong willed so naturally, she’s the character you want to make it to the end or at the very least think is going to.

Stephanie Danielson in Muck

LC: Since Muck is the centerpiece story in a trilogy do you know if there’s any plans for this group of characters to return in a sequel?

SD: Well, we are of course in the Prequel, but I can’t say anything about that Sequel other than it could very well shock the socks off ya!

LC: What other projects do you have coming up that you could tell us about?

SD: A feature film called THE RUNAWAY (Benetone Hillin Entertainment) which will be released very soon and I’m currently prepping for a feature film call SNOW which is also a trilogy (Callisto Productions). Very excited about both of those. Updates on all of my projects can be seen on my website at so please do visit!

Interview With MUCK’s Stunning Stephanie Danielson

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