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Interview With THE 100th VICTIM’s Anthony von Seck

interview-with-anthony-von-seck-100th-victimLEGLESSCORPSE: 100th Victim is based on the short story by Edogawa Rampo, The Red Chamber. What particular elements of the story clung to you, making you want to transition it into a film?

ANTHONY von SECK: I have always been a devoted fan of Japanese cinema and culture. Akira Kurosawa, Yasujiro Ozu which is probably why I investigated Rampo’s writings to begin with. What I continually find disturbing in the world is a veiled sense of order and control, when really there is an underlying chaos, an uncertainty, and ever-shifting ground. What Rampo captures in his story The Red Chamber was this sense of the macabre beneath the ordinary, and how gruesome acts of violence can be born out of pure banality and boredom. What is that about what or who we are that allows this to manifest? Aside from an incredibly original take on murder, there is something that begs a deeper question. That is what has driven me to want to see the story told through character, and film.

LC: Though you are changing the locations within the setting of the story, but are you, for the most part, keeping the narrative close to the source material?

AvS: Yes. In the script I have tried to stay true to the original themes and specific dialogue of the story whenever possible. I have also added some twists based on the life of the characters and their interaction in the film. I do like films to feel modern, in their setting and style of dialogue, so if there has been any tweaking it’s been towards that end.

LC: You will also be in the film as one of the two main characters, do you find it hard being a director and in front of the camera?

AvS: This will officially be my first time doing both. I don’t expect it to be easy, as I find any act of revealing, be it writing, filming, or going out on a date, usually gut-wrenching. But that has always been the reason why I’ve pushed further into the unknown. I don’t think anything comes from art that doesn’t take a risk. So yes, it’s always hard, but that is the joy of creating.

LC: Acting along side you will be Devon Graye, from the Showtime series Dexter. How did Devon come aboard?

AvS: I had the privilege of watching Devon work during an acting class with Michelle Lonsdale Smith Studios in LA. I was so impressed by his work. He has a real sharpness of style that is rare in acting and I thought he would be perfect for the role of Earl.

Writer/Director Anthony von Seck

LC: What is your ultimate goal with The 100th Victim once it’s complete?

AvS: The plan is to make a great tight short. Then we will seek out festivals and specific internet sites that cater to short programs. I want to spread the word about Rampo, while at the same time make a diabolically fun film.

LC: Where can our readers go to help and support this exciting project?

AVS: We are up and running on Indiegogo –

Social media RT’s, shares, and likes help too.

One way or another we are making this film and greatly appreciate any and all support along the way.

Interview With THE 100th VICTIM’s Anthony von Seck

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