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Interview With MUCK’s Laura Jacobs

Laura Jacobs in Muck

LEGLESSCORPSE: Your character, Desiree, in Muck, suffers a pretty horrific fate, and probably one of the most painful kills I could image, being dragged up the stairs in that manner, what kind of Director did Steve (Wolsh) give you during that scene? Was it hard for you to get to that point emotionally, without physically feeling the actual pain that one might endure in that situation?

LAURA JACOBS: That was a very intense scene and looking back on it, a lot of fun. Steve was a great and supportive director during a very long 12 hour night that we shot that. I was covered in blood, harnessed to a very painful sled like device with an axe pushed hard into that device, and was dragged up the stairs over and over. It was quite painful, but we all came together and wanted it to look very real. I love acting, and I love pushing my emotional boundaries so for me it was not hard to get there emotionally…I decided if I was going to do this film I was going to really commit to the work. I spent most of the night crying even in between takes as to not lose the energy of the scene, they offered me tear drops at points because it was so long but I said no. I wanted the tears to be real and the emotion to be organic. I am really happy with how this scene turned out in the film overall.

LC: Muck is quite the ensemble cast and everyone works together as a group perfectly. How did you become involved in the film?

LJ: I became involved very last minute. I was in Edmonton for my cousins wedding and my agent said, “you need to fly back to LA for this film the director really likes your headshot” and I said listen…I never leave LA and I’m here in Canada with my family for a week I just cannot fly back sorry. She was mad haha…so I sent a tape of the material instead. Steve then emailed us back some redirects so I taped the audition again and he booked me. I didn’t meet him till I arrived on set in Cape Cod to be Desiree!

LC: Early on when reading the script did you know it was the middle story of a trilogy with the notion that you, most likely, would return in one of the other films?

LJ: I had been told it was the middle of the story, which definitely explains our beginning scene as a cast. I did know there was a prequel and was signed onto that film when I booked Muck as a two part deal. I asked Steve a lot of questions about my character before this film happened and what she was doing before the opening moment to get a better overall sense of story.

LC: By just watching the film it looks like you guys were having a blast making the film. Any funny stories on set that you can, or would like to share?

LJ: We did have a ton of fun! It was all night shoots so we all lived quite a nocturnal life for about a month…shooting 6pm to 6am and sleeping during the day! The funniest thing I can remember is we had this skunk that kept coming into the shots at the house in Cape Cod! We would be filming getting our groove on and then this skunk would appear out of no where and freak everyone out and ruin the shot!! I think Steve ended up naming him lol.

LC: Besides your up-coming stint in the next Muck film, what else do you have coming up we can look out for?

LJ: Since Muck I have been working a lot on my Country Music Career. I spent most of last year in Nashville writing and recording! Here is my soundcloud where you can listen to my EP and also my website
I’m currently in Canada now meeting some labels and will release the tracks this year so hopefully you listen to Country and will hear me on the radio soon! I am still auditioning for acting roles and hope to have some great news on that too regarding some upcoming projects.

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Chad Armstrong

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