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Actress Jordan Todosey Joins The Cast Of SWEETBLOOD

Filmmakers reach for $1 M — Attached actress Jordan Todosey

From March 16 until June 2, 2015, filmmakers from all over Canada are competing for $1 M in financing.  The company behind this: Cinecoup.  Their first effort back in 2013 culminated in the run-away hit Wolfcop.

Having made it to the second round of the competition, Sweetblood is one of the remaining 60 projects competing for this year’s top prize.  Dubbed the “lesbian vampire movie”, the film follows a mute girl (Lucy) who attempts suicide one night, only to be saved by Lilith, a lonely vampire.

Sweetblood aims to differentiate itself from lesbian vampire movies of the past, exploring concepts of immortality and the nature of having to kill to live.

Jordan Todosey (He Never Died, Degrassi, Life With Derek) is attached to star as Lucy.

Jordan Todosey

Filmmakers Jared Bratt (Streamer), Vincent Pun, and Jonathan Lewis are working to bring you their unique twist on the vampire myth, begging the question:


If you can live forever… what do you live for?


Lilith…despairing her lonely fate

Lucy, a psychosomatic mute, tries to end her life one night only to be saved by Lilith, a lonely vampire.   What follows is a tale that Pun describes as “Beauty and the Beast mixed with a bit of Dorian Gray”.   Sweetblood promises to be both involving and thought-provoking as it explores the concepts of immortality, what love and loyalty mean to one that’s undying, and the terrible nature of having to kill to survive.

In this age of Twilight and Only Lovers Left Alive, the filmmakers are seeking to bring the vampire myth to a deeper, more realistic and relevant level than is at present the norm.  Bratt calls it a “dark story” with “none of that Twilight stuff here“; and while they acknowledge that Only Lovers Left Alive is a brilliant film and a definite inspiration, they point out that Sweetblood is a markedly different story, both in plot and characterization.  This strong character element is central to the film, with what is definitely an emphasis of the human element over horror/fantasy, departing from that which most mainstream vampire movies love to indulge in.

The team is currently seeking support through CineCoup, and if you’d like to lend your voice and vote in their efforts, you can do so here.

You can learn more about their project here:

and via the twitter handle:

In the meantime, you can check out their teaser trailer below:





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