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Quick Chat with WRONG TURN 6 : LAST RESORT Star Sadie Katz

LEGLESS CORPSE: The Original Wrong Turn came out in 2003, what is to be expected that is DIFFERENT this time around?

SADIE KATZE: I think every Wrong Turn has it’s own kind of thrills and chills but, this one definitely pushes the envelope in a way the fans are just going to dig. We have a new director Valeri Milev who’s style is just very sexy and gritty. Valeri also has a wicked sense of humor that I think is perfect for the franchise. I’m excited as a fan myself to see how that will come across in this installment. Frank Woodworth’s script is also the most twisted, just creepy crazy kills and just next level stuff…but, maybe that’s just me. Ha. While we were filming there were definitely a few times I thought I was going to puke. Aqueela and I were like…what the hell is going on…?

Katz will be starring in Wrong Turn 6. Photo : House Of Bad

LC: Cannibalism is pretty creepy, what creeps you out the most?

SK: Drinking blood is like, okay…I don’t know…fine, okay…I can like get the idea…like batten down the hatch just, swallow it. Even eating flesh after roasting it. Eating ears, the eyes, stuff like that…so gross. I ate a pig’s foot in Louisiana once. Grossiest thing ever. Cartilage seems creepy. I did some research on cannibalism society’s it existed just to get all actor-y…gave me nightmares. I could tell you about the worst scene I saw shot that actually made me stare up at the ceiling of my hotel room and debate getting on a plane and fly home….I kept saying “It’s just pretend…it’s just pretend.” 20th Century Fox is making everyone be very secretive about everything…they want it fun for the fans, you know. No spoilers. So…I’m not saying anything else. You’re gonna get me in trouble!

LC: What is your favorite aspect of the horror genre?

SK: I love that you get to experience a wild range of emotions. Sometimes in a single day of shooting you can experience extreme fear, love and comedy. If that doesn’t stretch you as an actor, I don’t know what does!

LC: How did you get into this industry? What is it about your role in the industry that is intriguing?

SK: I always wanted to act. I did theatre acting as a kid. Getting into film though is a whole other thing. It’s a whole business of it. It’s a very challenge job. There’s a lot of levels to it and truthfully it’s a very addicting gamble. If I were totally honest besides being completely in love with the craft and the art of acting….which as pretentious and lame as the sounds, I actually am. I’m also drawn to how competitive it is actually booking work and getting ahead. It’s maddening! It sorta never stops! You have a film coming out it could do well and it’s awesome or you are back at square one.

LC: What is your favorite horror movie?

SK: I keep changing my mind on this…I’m going to say I like a lot…ummm “Nightmare on Elm street” “The Birds” “The Shining” the miniseries “It” that’s sooo good. Dumb ending though. But, still sooo good.

LC:  Who is your favorite horror icon?

Elvira. She’s so awesome. I saw her at Knott’s Scary Farm and she was still hot. I’d say Freddy. But, I gotta stick with the ladies.

Oops – Katz In HOUSE OF BAD

LC: How do you feel about the current horror industry?

SK: I feel like maybe I should have some strong opinion on this as a women in horror but, I don’t know I think there’s starting to have a nice mix of both strong female characters and the slutty characters running so there’s a positive! Ha. I saw a lot of cool horror films this year both indie and commercial that I loved. I think a remake can be fun sometimes if only to bitch about the old one being the best. I mean that’s the whole point, right?

LC: What made you do a movie like Wrong Turn?

SK: It’s a super well- loved franchise, with a hard-core crazy ass fan base. It’s got the scariest baddies, cannibals, it’s truly disgusting, gory, twisted as hell…what was I going to say…pass?

LC: What are your current other roles?

SK: I’m currently filming “State of Desolation” Directed by Jim Towns (House of Bad) & Jamie Bernadette (The 6th Friend, Bunnyman Massacre) See me currently starring in: Chavez: Cage of Glory available at Best Buy September 3rd Danny Trejo, Steven Bauer, James Russo , “Nipples & Palmtrees” on Netflix, “House of Bad” available on Itunes .

LC: How has life been on the set?

SK: Filming Wrong Turn in Bulgaria was literally one of the most enjoyable, exciting times I’ve ever had as an actor the rest of the cast, crew and the make-up and special effects team and Jeff, John and Phillip at UFO Productions was amazing. Was that like the most boring answer ever? I feel like I need to say something funny or talk shit. Okay…it was freezing cold. I thought I was going to lose my leg one day and literally the last thing I would be seeing is dead bodies hanging in the trees and a little girl eating intestines. I was holding this torch and Valeri was waving his hands at me saying in broken English that I looked like I never held a torch before. All the hair on my arm was getting singed off. It was snowing and my boots were soaking wet and starting to freeze around my feet I kept thinking I was going to lose a toe or something and of course I never held a torch before! I’m from California! It was literally, one of the best days of my life.

Thank you so much for having me! I hope you enjoy the new Wrong Turn as much as we did shooting it!
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