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SHIVER Star Lynn Lowry Attached To Short Horror Film EGGS

A bleak and bloody horror short starring Lynn Lowry (Shivers, The Crazies, Cat People) and Duane Whitaker (Pulp Fiction, Halloween 2).

Eggs is the new horror short by Ryan Stockstad and Crowned Prince Productions, starring horror icons Lynn Lowry and Duane Whitaker!

A lonely woman in a small town is hearing voices. With her family all either dead or gone, it isn’t long before she begins to believe that her dead son is speaking to her. This motivates her to take action for the first time in years, but without the support of people who care for her, things go very, very badly.

The Cast
Lynn Lowry – Shivers (1975), The Crazies (1973), Cat People (1982), I Drink Your Blood (1970), The Theatre Bizarre (2011), The Haunting of Whaley House (2012), etc.

Duane Whitaker – Pulp Fiction (1994), From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999), The Devil’s Rejects (2005), Halloween II (2009), Tales From the Hood (1995), Feast (2005), etc.

Julia Lehman – Cheerleader Massacre 2 (2011), Dark Reel (2008), Volcano Zombies (2014), etc.

G. Larry Butler – Frankenstein vs. the Creature from Blood Cove (2005), Panman (2011), The Janitor (2003), etc.

Maetrix Fitten – Hancock (2008), Necessary Measures (2012), Windsor Drive (2014), etc.

Marc Fajardo – Little Paradise (2013), Sleepy Hollow (2013), Sam & Cat (2013), etc.

Tina Molina – Panman (2011), The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story (2004), etc.

Carl Solomon – The Video Dead (1987), Panman (2011), The Friggin’ Mafia Movie (2001), etc.

Aaron Lee Harvey – Party Foul (2011), Francis the Brave (2012), etc.

The Filmmakers
Ryan Stockstad (Director/Producer) – Ryan studied film and screenwriting at Minneapolis Community College and made his first movies over 20 years ago. He is the creative force behind Crowned Prince Productions, often writing and producing films for award-winning filmmaker Andrew Kadikian. Their recent collaboration Press COOK (2014) won the audience award for its screening group at the 2014 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project, and they recently completed the Kickstarter-funded movie Walk-Ons. Ryan has given student lectures on topics as diverse as low budget filmmaking, short story screenplay structure and the influence of the Spanish Civil War on surrealist cinema. Eggs will be his 7th project as writer or producer in the last two years, and his 6th project as director since 2010.

Jon Rosenberg (Screenwriter) – Jon Graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Film and Television Production. His collaborations with Adam Sandler resulted in material featured on Sandler’s platinum-selling comedy albums What’s Your Name? and What the Hell Happened to Me? He developed and wrote two unproduced screenplays for actor Anthony Quinn. He wrote the cult horror movie Bit Parts, available on DVD from Cinema Epoch.

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Chad Armstrong

President/Co-Owner at LC Films
Chad Armstrong is a writer/producer/director who was born and raised in Long Beach CA. In 2009 he relocated to Alabama where he founded LeglessCorpse, a site dedicated to independent horror films, and soon after created the indie horror distribution company LeglessCorpse Films (currently known as LC Films). Not only is he co-owner of and LC Films he is also President of the newly formed Back Aisle Video label. Chad's most recent feature film is Deimosimine, and currently in development on the feature film Blood Dancers 2: Full Moon.