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Exclusive QA With ‘Hillbilly Horror Show’ Actor Scott Geiter

Hillbilly Horror Show

We got a chance to to talk with Hillbilly Horror Show Star Scott Geiter about the show, his career, and what lies ahead for him in the future.

Hillbilly Horror Show is now available to view via the links provided in the article. 

LEGLESSCORPSE: What, or whom inspired you to become and actor/director?

SCOTT GEITER: Well I started doing movie reviews in August 2010, also interviews. But my first interview was with Actor/Stunt Cordinator Jack Harrison on August 17, 2010. From there on I was learning the trade thru the back door. I would have to say, because I only started acting in 2012, it would have to be Actor Bill Oberst Jr.

LC: How old were you when you started acting?

SG: This is a funny question when I answer at, 44 Yrs Old. That’s right I never thought about being in the film industry until Facades Fx (Phil Nichols) (Melissa L Nichols) asked me if I would be interested in doing voice over work. So that’s how my journey started.

LC: Did you take classes or learn on the job?

SG: No, never took acting classes. I’ve always said everyone acts in real life, it’s a matter of if you are a good liar, Etc, if you understand my point.

LC: Is Horror a new road for you or have you done it before?

SC: I started in the Horror industry as I mentioned earlier, but my first acting job was in a Drama believe it or not, a film called “Dakota”. shot it in Baldwin, Long Island, Ny June 4, 2012 Film By Martin Bentsen.

Hillbilly Horror Show

LC: Do you enjoy shooting in the south?

SG: Actually Hillbilly Horror Show was shot in Joppa, Maryland.

LC: What do directors look for in talent?

SG: Me being very new as a Director, I look at films I have previously watched in the past as a reviewer. That is what I use as an actor’s demo real per se’, For new Actor’s & Actresses I just do the usual auditions.

LC: Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of the camera?

SG: No, I actually like both. It’s a great feeling to complete or start a project whether it’s behind or in front of the camera.

LC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

SG: Good question. I can see myself acting, producing, and directing in the film industry. It’s just a matter of timing and what great people to connect with.

LC: Without giving anything away, give us what you can on “HBHS”?

SG: Check it out at for only a .99 cent rental you can rent it there and watch Volume 1.

I play the character “Cephus” Cousin of  ‘Bo’ played By Bo Keister and my kissing cousin “LuLu” played By Rachel Faulkner. It was written by Blu De Goyler and Directed by Shariff Salama. It’s about a bunch of hillbillies watching short films. I really love this project, everyone involved is great.

LC: Favorite past role?

SG: I would have to say “Cephus’

LC: Favorite actor/actress?

SG: Charles Bronson and Bette Davis

LC: Favorite Horror movie?

SG: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974

LC: Favorite Horror character?

SG: Michael Myers & Jason Vorhees

New Updates legendary Actress Tamarra Glynn from Halloween 5 ss casted As Emma Jo, the hot mama of Kissing Cousin Lulu

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Article by Abra-Cadaver

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