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WOLF CREEK 2: Review…Don’t Miss This One

Wolf Creek 2

Just watching the opening scene I knew I was going to love this film. It has one of the best bullet to the head shots since Tom Savini blew off his own head in Maniac.

Wolf Creek 2 plots out the return of our favorite outdoorsman Mick Taylor. Instead of capturing and tormenting his prey he’s on the hunt this time around.

We follow a young couple from Germany hitchhiking through the outback. Eventually they setup camp and soon after they have the pleasure of meeting Mick Taylor. In the process of trying to get away the girl gets a ride from a guy passing by in his jeep. At this point the chase turns to Mick hunting down the guy that took his plaything away.

Of course the sequel isn’t as intriguing as the first because there is no mystery of what Mick is. We already know the fate of those that enter his path. What is fun is watching John Jarrett reprising the role and just having a blast in doing so. Every time he chuckles it really creeps you out.

Wolf Creek 2

The violence is aplenty, and it’s up front and in your face, just what us horror fans want. Not only does this have the before mentioned headshot scene, but it has one of my favorite decapitation scenes, right up there with the Omen.

If you’re looking for an amazing story or plot, you’re not going to find it here. But do we really watch these types of films for that. I’ve never walked into a new Halloween or Friday the 13th excited about the plot or storyline. It’s all about seeing your favorite horror icons and the way they dispense of their victims.

John_Jarrett in_Wolf_Creek_2
John Jarrett in Wolf Creek 2

Writer/Director Greg Mclean does a good job in bringing the next chapter to this fascinating and ruthless character and it’s done with cool chase scenes, a lot of bloodletting, and some funny one liners from Mick.

Overall this is a fun horror romp that you’ll want to check out. If you get a chance check this one out in the theater.

Wolf Creek is out on VOD April 17th and in theaters May 16th.

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Chad Armstrong

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