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LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS (2014): Review…Kane Hodder Blows A Killer Snot Rocket!

Love In The Time Of Monsters

There are dark horror films and there are light horror films, and then there’s horror comedies. Horror comedies are probably the most difficult to pull off. There are only a handful of really good ones. Shaun Of The Dead, Club Dread, Dead Heat (yes I said it, Dead fuckin’ Heat) and Return Of The Living Dead.  Sure, I’m missing a couple, but at least you can gauge my taste in the sub-genre to either heed this review, or totally ignore it.

Love In The Time Of Monsters is a film most of you have never heard of.  Written by Michael Skvarla and directed by Matt Jackson, it tells the story of two twenty-something sisters who return to a vacation spot visited as kids with their family.  During their last visit as youths, there was a horrible accident and their father got killed by a giant hatchet that fell from a huge statue.  Anyway, the girls return to the spot because one of their finance’s has been secretly working there to save up for a new house for the soon-to-be-married couple, and she wants to surprise him.

The place has turned into Uncle Slavko’s, a place where employees dress up like bigfoot and interact with the hiking visitors.  But on this particular day, one of the employees falls into the swamp filled with toxic waste…turning him, and then his fellow bigfoot actors, into flesh eating, zombie-type mutants.

Love In The Time Of Monsters

The film is as outrageous as it sounds.  This is why I loved it.  Though the outrageousness of the plot sounds ultra B-movie crap, it’s quite the opposite.  You have some great characters, including Kane Hodder’s Lou, who is the Supervisor of the bigfoots, who nails every comedic part I have seen him in.  Once again Kane has a small part, but here it’s sure memorable and just validates his acting skills above and beyond ‘Jason’.

There’s two main elements that really sets this film above the bar and not just another Sharknado: the cast and the special effects.  What other film would you see mutant squirrels attack a buxom blonde, bite off her top, then enter her mouth and burst out of her bare chest like a chest-burster from Alien?  You have not only the mutant squirrels, but a mutant moose, and Bigfoot himself.  It’s a crazy hodgepodge of everything, all with some fantastically funny characters and outrageous practical effects…just what the horror doctor prescribes from time to time.

See kids, there are films that you sit down and try to evaluate intellectually, and others you just say “fuckit” and go along for the ride the filmmakers take you on.  No matter how bumpy, or jerky that ride is, you enjoy every minute of it.  This film is for anyone that likes horror-comedies, good cheesy practical effects, or some good ol’ fashioned slapstick comedy.

Take a trip to Slavko’s, you’ll certainly enjoy it!


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Chad Armstrong

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