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COLLAR (2015): Review…A Dirty, Dirty, Film

Massive says “eat your heart out”

The only other film I have seen from writer/director Ryan Nicholson is Gutterballs. I loved Gutterballs, it was a wonderful, over-sexed, over bloody, throwback to the fun slashers we used to love. It was a fun ride that gave a lot of chuckles, a cool killer that produced some cool kills.

Collar, on the other hand is straight up dark and dirty. No real chuckles in this one unless, like me, you giddily chuckled at the crazy gore.

The film follows the story of Massive, a large homeless man who enjoys eating people and raping and torturing women and smashing guys’ heads in. When a female police officer gets trapped in his clutches, she must try to survive this horrid ordeal and get back to her pregnant lesbian girlfriend.

I want to start off by saying Nick Principe, who portrayed Massive, was an amazing character. He was powerful and truly frightening. Nicholson did a great job plotting out this character even down to his wardrobe.

Besides Massive and the gore, there’s really not a lot more going for this movie. I totally understand that Nicholson is a low budget, guerrilla-style filmmaker and I certainly respect what he has accomplished with his Plotdigger Films. But Collar is hard to watch and I’m not talking about because of the gore and rape scenes. I’m not going to get into some of the more detailed issues with the film like the subplot of the two “bumfight” guys who realize what Massive is doing and start shooting him rape, torture, and kill, because in low budget exploitation that is what you expect. What my real issues were was mainly the editing. The editing is all over the place, especially in the last third of the film. In some scenes it was so bad I didn’t even know what was taking place. Nicholson’s concepts and stories are great. I would love to see what he could do with an actual budget.

Bottom line, fans of Nicholson will love this movie because he delivers the gore and the sex that he’s known for. The film certainly lacks in the cinematography, editing, and sound departments.

As much as I want to recommend this one, I can’t. There were to many technical flaws for me to not be distracted from the story and entertainment value of the film. I got lost by how sequences were edited together and how the finale played out that I just can’t give the okay on this one.

Watch this is you are a gore and cannibal fan, otherwise stay away from Collar.


COLLAR (2015): Review…A Dirty, Dirty, Film

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Chad Armstrong

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