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Unpopular Opinion: THE RING Was Never Scary

The Ring
In seven days, you will die! That sentence started a frenzy. All of a sudden, audiences across the country were getting scared right out of their skin. People were talking about it from the moment it hit theaters. Adults and teens (especially the teens) were recommending this remake of a Japanese horror.

I was sixteen at the time. I loved the idea of going to the movies and getting a good scare. So, I couldn’t wait to try this movie out. With my younger sister in tow, we went to the new theater that had opened up and got ready for what I thought was going to be a big thrill! Boy, was I let down!

People couldn’t believe it when I said that I wasn’t scared. One person obnoxiously told me over and over, “You have no soul!” Had I seen a different movie than everyone else? Had I somehow seen it in another language? No and no. So, what was it, then? Did I really have “no soul”? (Insert eye roll here.)

Let me just get right to it, then. I was missing a thrill. For instance Psycho had that shower scene that people are still talking about. Yes, the Ring had that scary phone call, but that played in every trailer. There was the lady in the video that looked right at you, but that was in the trailer, too. Oh, there was that scene where Naomi Watts had a necklace come out of her throat. Eh. That was more uncomfortable that creeped out.

The Ring

Like I said, I never got that “shower scene”, so to speak. I never got that moment where the movie was just building and building and then the climax. It was mostly finding out the history behind the video and Naomi Watts trying to save her son. Sure, the scenes worked and the story held my attention. Hey, the performances were good, too. But the feeling that I got throughout the most of the film was just a little creeped out feeling, that was all.

I’m glad that audiences liked the film so much. I haven’t really heard about the film in a little while, maybe people are over it. I don’t know. I’m just calling this “Unpopular Opinion” because at one point in time, audiences were getting scared by this movie, even though they may not be now.

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In my early twenties, I was an actress in some horror films and I wrote film reviews on a Christian website under the name Sarah Brock. I'm now happy to explore the world of horror once again.