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The Geezenstacks
There is something about doll houses that severely creeps me out. As a young child, I never owned a dollhouse and on the latter, never quite got into dolls as well.

Perhaps it was the fact that I watched The Geezenstacks at a tender age that caused me to pause when I would see a bunch of dolls in a dollhouse…..

Audrey Hummel [Lana Hirsch] has just received a new dollhouse from her Uncle Richard [Larry Pine]. Interestingly enough, he finds the dollhouse in a vacated home; the owners and contents seemingly disappeared.

She names the family of four that currently reside in the creepy little house, “The Geezenstacks.” The dolls are adorned in old fashioned clothing and the viewers are unaware as to what time period the actual dolls came from.

That’s when shit starts to get real. When Audrey starts acting out instances with the doll, the parallel is too clear as the Hummel’s start to experience the same exact events. Audrey’s father [Craig Wasson] becomes increasingly obsessed with the dolls and what is happening to his family.

The family awaken one morning to find themselves in an unpredictable situation as Uncle Richards peers at them in horror from outside of the Dollhouse.

The Geezenstacks

But the ending doesn’t stop there. A real estate agent enters the empty home to find only two objects that remain. Uncle Richard’s doll lying dead inside of the dollhouse next to another, smaller house that contains The Geezenstacks.

This episode is based off Frederic Brown’s short story “The Geezenstacks” which was published in Weird Tales in 1943. While some elements have been changed, the storyline remains pretty true. The ending was a bit compromised as it shows the family being killed in a car accident while in the show they are doomed for eternity into the dollhouse.

In this particular show, the dolls themselves never really did anything, however the premise of that is truly frightening. Imagining living in a world where you don’t move or speak has my claustrophobic ways in full blown made. Dolls have made their way into the horror genre for years; there is just something that is unsettling about the blank stares of their little beady eyes and the way sometimes their head moves.

This hasn’t happened to you?

As a side note, I wonder if little Audrey knew that Geezenstacks actually means weird dolls…..

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