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PRESIDENT WOLFMAN (2012): Will Charm It’s Way Into Your Pants

President Wolfman review

We here at love the indie scene. We find it much more interesting writing about the more creative, unique, and passionate endeavors of these filmmakers over the mainstream shit like The Conjuring or Ocul-asses of the big budget fair.Every once in awhile we’ll come across a small diddy that has so much passion embedded in it and so unique it just charms it’s way into your pants. No matter how many words you write, it will still not express, wholeheartedly, what you felt watching such a film. PRESIDENT WOLFMAN, a horror-comedy conceived by Mike Davis (writer/director) is certainly one of these rare films.

The story involves President Wolfman trying to stop a political buy out of America by China. ChiAmerica would wipe out our debt, but give the country over to China who has some mischievous plans for the country. Wolfman as President is against this Bill and will do anything to stop it. After getting bit by a werewolf the President has a whole new tactic in eliminating the political figures who are going to vote for the takeover, Eat them.

The film is constructed of 99% “Green Footage”, meaning that it’s mostly constructed of already shot, public domain footage, edited and re-dubbed to tell this hilarious story that had me laughing out loud throughout (and I’m not the type to laugh out loud during movies). This unique “green film” found a special place in my heart. Not only is it highly entertaining, it was made out of the box, with some creativeness that hasn’t been seen in a long while. For a filmmaker to utilize footage that’s already been shot and weave it into such an amazingly fun film is an astonishing feet. I could image the painstaking and tedious task of compiling all this footage, editing it coherently, and scripting such a project. But it certainly paid off here for Davis. I haven’t seen a film like this since Kung-Pow but that film incorporated a lot of new footage of the main character and incorporated that into the footage. Not here, this is all public domain goodness, with some great voice over work.


The script is hilarious and goes perfectly with the footage. Sure there are some continuity issues, and rough editing, but this is unavoidable with this type of film and just adds more of the charm that is exploding from this film.

I personally LOVE the opening title sequence that picks me up and throws me back to the 70’s. This is truly an innovating film that needs to be seen. Hats off to Davis for really thinking out of the box and creating something that hasn’t been seen before. In anyone else’s hands this could have been an incomprehensive disaster.

PRESIDENT WOLFMAN is a film YOU HAVE TO SEE! If you don’t you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Pick up your copy below and let us know what you think after you view it.


PRESIDENT WOLFMAN 2012 Will Charm It’s Way Into Your Pants

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