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Interview With Writer / Producer / Star Of LAKE EERIE Meredith Majors

Lake Eerie Star / Writer / Producer Meredith Majors

Meredith Majors has been a busy girl. Not only is she writing and producing the fantastic looking supernatural horror film LAKE EERIE she is also staring in the film as well. She was gracious enough to lend us a few moments of her time to answer some questions about this creepy looking film.

LEGLESSCORPSE: The LAKE EERIE trailer looks fantastically creepy. As writer, not to mention staring and producing the film, how did the concept of Lake Eerie come about?

MEREDITH MAJORS: Thank you so much! I was actually sitting in traffic in Los Angeles, CA when the idea for the story of Lake Eerie came to me. My husband, Chris Majors (Director/Producer of Lake Eerie), and I wanted to produce a film that was based around his family’s old lake house on Lake Erie. The lake house was built in 1918, and was inherited by my husband’s grandparents. His grandparents always felt like caretakers of the house instead of homeowners, and because of this the house remained the same as it was from the 1930’s. Walking through the house is like being in a time capsule. There are still 1930’s magazines sitting on the dresser, as if the original owners still live there. I was fascinated by this, and I knew there was a great story to be told within the lake house. There is also the fact that my husband’s family always suspected the lake house to be haunted, and hired three different groups of paranormal investigators to find proof of their suspicions. All three groups of paranormal investigators found a variety of evidence such as EVP’s, wild temperature changes, shadow figures, and other unexplained occurrences within the house.

LC:  With so many hats in the production, did you find it hard, or a little distracting being in front of the camera as well, staring as Kate?

MM: The biggest lesson I learned throughout the journey of film-making was the importance of prep work and more prep work on top of that. I have been in the film industry for over a decade, but I never really understood film-making as a whole until I went through producing Lake Eerie. I have a new found respect and love for the art of film-making. I did prep work for the role of Kate for 8 months. However, since I am the writer I knew her very well before I started my initial prep work as an actor. The amount of prep work helped my performance during principle photography, and helped me to be able to handle Producer problems when they arose.

LC:  You have a great cast including the legendary Lance Henriksen, how was it working with such a horror icon?

MM: It was intimidating, but Lance Henriksen is such a class act. Chris and I felt incredibly lucky to have such a strong group of veteran actors, who helped us in so many ways. Betsy Baker (The Evil Dead) was amazingly generous, and helped my performance because of her talents. Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks) was supporting Lake Eerie from the start of pre-production and she continues to help get the word out there. Al Snow (WWE) starred as one of the villainous characters but was also Lake Eerie’s stunt coordinator. Each of our cast members brought strengths to Lake Eerie, and continue to help us, Lance Henriksen actually taught me a great deal about dialogue and writing. Our scenes together are some of my favorites of the film.

LC:  Principle production is complete correct, how much of the film do you have left left to shoot if any?

MM: We only have some sound editing to be completed, and some minor FX to be added. We can see the finish line!

LC:  You currently have a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Post Production, is this your first foray into crowd funding? How do you feel about getting fans involved, financial with the film?

MM: We actually did a crowdfunding campaign during pre-production of Lake Eerie. We feel that crowdfunding is a great avenue for marketing a film, and that it is important to have a strong Team of supporters. It is an amazing opportunity for people to get their names attached to a feature film. We have some amazing perks for backers who support Lake Eerie, such as Co-Producer IMDB Credit, Lake Eerie VIP World Premiere Red Carpet Event Tickets, Dinner with Producers and Cast/Crew After Party All-Access Pass, Business Sponsorship, Autographed Poster by Lance Henriksen, Exclusive Paintings, Blu Ray of Lake Eerie (See it before everyone else), plus many other rewards exclusive for our backers! The support we have received from the Lake Eerie Post Production Kickstarter Campaign has been amazing.

LC:  You have already crushed your goal on kickstarter, why is it important that fans continue to contribute?

MM: We are thrilled at the overwhelming support we have received from fans on our Kickstarter campaign, we are extremely grateful! However, the first goal we set was only a starting a point. We have stretch goals in place that are every bit as important as the first goal. The more support we receive from backers, the better overall finished product for Lake Eerie. Getting back to the crowd funding aspect, our campaign is not only about us. We make sure we take care of those who believe in us and share our goal to make a great film, and we do that by making those who contribute to our campaign a part of our team through the perks we are giving away.

LC:  Is there currently a distributor attached, will you be self-distributing like a look of indie films are doing now?

MM: We have a lot of distributors interested in Lake Eerie, and we are excited to present Lake Eerie to them once post production is completed.

LC:  When do you anticipate the film to be ready to scare the crap out of audiences?

MM: Spring 2015. A dark secret locked away… will soon be discovered.

If you guys haven’t already seen the trailer to Meredith’s LAKE EERIE, click the link below and give a little Holiday or Post Holiday cheer with the sock money your grandma gave you in that funny greeting card with the bald dog on it.

Interview With Writer / Producer / Star Of LAKE EERIE Meredith Majors

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