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Interview With PATH TO SALVATION Director Kirk LaSalle

Path To Salvation teaser poster
We had a chance to chat with the Director of the new film PATH TO SALVATION regarding the film, funding, and completion.

LEGLESSCORPSE: Path To Salvation is a blend of a few different genre’s how did the concept come about?

KIRK LASALLE: The script was written by my friend, Phillip Piorkowski, and I’ve made very few changes to it. However, the story is based on multiple true events from the region. Some in part from Phillips own life and some from actual events that have happen in our area, like a girl being held captive in place that was small enough that it may have well been a box.. A great deal of the characters are based on real people he knew and grew up with right here in town. Just from our discussions over the past few years, I learned that he wanted to write a gritty crime drama and that’s really where it started (and still has one in mind) but, I think to make the story deeper and work on a different level, the characters became more prevalent and as he developed their lives, and then their story, it became more interesting than a typical crime drama.. So, really it becomes the horror of the crime, the suspense, and the thrill of that story which outweighed the rest. Eventually it became more of a “suspenseful thriller” that’s just loosely wrapped in a crime drama. It’s a pretty intense story.

LC: You have done some work as producer and director on some web series and commercial, why jump to a feature right of the bat as opposed to doing a few shorts first?

KL: Well, I’ve worked on several features and shorts too. I’m actually Producing a short now that I will direct this summer. I’ve worked in media for about 12 years and I’ve produced quite a bit and the short answer is, I don’t see any reason not to debut with this feature. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me (and here’s the long answer) My background growing up was as an artist with a hobby in photography. I also came from a household environment of art. My mother has her masters in art and my father (at the time) was a painter and metal sculptor. I had a lot of influence. So, alongside photography, I used to created posters flyers, t-shirts, Jackets, you name it. and after years of that, the transition into video was easy. I already had a great foundation for creating composition and lighting because of that.

The first video edit I ever created was in 1992, with three VHS decks and a Walkman. I had a Packard Bell computer with one of the first TV cards in it (I still have it too, the entire computer!) and with a store bought RGB to RCA adapter I was able to pull video and computer graphics out of it, and then edit with my clunky VHS deck setup. Really I was inspired by something a friend showed me, and some may remember this.. We would watch the Wizard of Oz movie with the sound off and Pink Floyd – Dark side of the moon playing in the background. I thought it was cool but, I also thought, I wanted to make something even cooler. So, I put together a two-hour music video with Metallica, Rush, and of course, Pink Floyd, using cuts of live action, animation, and computer animation that I would pull off of my Packard Bell. It turned out pretty cool too. Although, in my mind I was an artist in the traditional sense so, I didn’t think like a filmmaker, I just wanted to create something and present it. So I gathered about 12 TV sets and piled them up into a little 5 foot mountain, covered them with black plastic sheeting and cut holes out for the screens and then had a little party.. I was 19, so it was like my own gallery showing.

Concept artwork

I didn’t really start thinking like a filmmaker until I began a PC game development project about 1999. During that project, one of the things I was working on was cut-scenes. I wondered why the cut-scenes in some games looked great and others didn’t, and that’s where I started to learn about camera moves and ultimately the camera language for creating a cinematic look. A few years later about 2002, I produced and directed a little school projected with a friend of mine who needed something for his VFX class project. That’s when it really hit home for me. I’d been working in technology for so long as a Network/Systems Engineer and developer, that I felt like I lost that creative outlet. It’s really a crushing feeling as an artist to not create anything for so long. So I started to work in front of the camera as an actor and also behind the camera doing whatever I could. And just like everyone else I worked through all the departments in some way or another from a PA until I was able to be a camera operator and then I knew that’s really where I wanted to be. And for me, It was an easy transition from creating a composition on paper to creating one in the camera. So, for the last 12 years I’ve been fortunate to work on a lot of projects. So, not only do I feel comfortable with a feature length project but, I feel pretty confident I can make something that I would want to watch and I think others will too.. I think this is a project I’ll be proud of.

LC: At this stage in the game how far in Pre-production are you? Do you currently have any cast/crew lined up that you can share with us?

KL: I actually started developing this project nearly two years ago. We started going into pre-production earlier this year in the spring, with the hope to start principal photography by November and then look for finishing funds. Unfortunately, many filmmakers will probably have experience with this but, we lost some financing just as we were starting. This led to a horrible start to our indiegogo campaign but, we’re hoping to pickup some momentum during the last week to keep the “office” open and production moving forward. For larger projects money and financing is always the most difficult to secure. We have a few investors looking at the project right now and we can only hope they see the passion we do for the project and become part of the team to make it happen.

We do have some great cast and crew involved. We have a great cinematographer on the project, Andy Sparaco ( ). He’s done some great work and the both of us really see eye to eye for the look and feel of the project. The communication is easy and we’re really of the same mindset, creatively. I feel really fortunate how well we’ve hit it off because this will be the first time we’ve worked together. Who knows it could the first for many projects to come too.. that’s always the hope. We also have several great actors cast for the lead roles and some that we’re still in talks with so I won’t be mentioning those particular names just yet. What I can say is that Ed’ Ross is on-board for the role of Mitch (Six feet Under, Full Metal Jacket, Red Heat), Jay Jablonski in the Lead Role of Sean Want to be Italian, Unrest, Conspiracy), We’re introducing Phillip Piorkowski in the lead role of Detective Dan Brogan, and Jimmy Della Valle in the role of Father Keefe (The Sopranos, Rivers 9, Without a Trace). We have another very notable name for the role of Dave but, that’s still in talks and hopefully two cameo roles.

Kirk LaSalle interview Path To Salvation

LC: You are currently seeking funds on indiegogo for production. Tell us a little bit about the cool perks you can get with a donation?

KL: It’s probably better to quote the actual indiegogo site but, it’s just as you would think, all exclusive, limited edition items and artwork for the posters, DVD/BlueRay with exclusive content, to Storyboards, autographs, first looks video streaming and even more for those who want to be an executive producer on the movie. None of these perks will be available after production or even part of any products post production as retail. Exclusive means exclusive.

From indiegogo

You will receive exclusively created DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs, posters, storyboards, signed storyboards, Movie Posters, advanced streaming preview of the movie, IMDB credits for producers, and premiere festival screening with VIP access.

Executive producers will also have tickets to select festival showings and a seat at the dinner table with available lead actors, and the director. We want you to be part of this movie! YOUR contribution will help us get the remaining equipment, provide transportation for our star talent, ensure all means for production are available and further, it will help us feed our talented cast and crew, because everyone needs a good meal! Thank you!

Btw – Just to hammer it home, All DVD/Blue-Ray discs will have exclusive behind the scenes excerpts and outtakes NOT available on retail discs! All posters, printed material and disc covers will be limited edition art created just for our valued supporters here…

Some examples would be..

Limited Edition “Funders” DVD Change
Receive all of the above perks. A big Thank you! The Premiere viewing for online streaming and a Limited Edition “Funders” DVD

Limited Edition Storyboard Change
Receive all of the above perks . A big Thank you! (in the credits) First VIP Preview for online streaming (before release), a “Funders” DVD/Blu-ray plus a single Limited Edition, select storyboard print.

Ltd Edition SIGNED Storyboards Change
Receive all of the above perks . A big Thank you! (in the credits) First VIP Preview for online streaming (before release) and a “Funders” DVD/Blu-ray PLUS select prints of Limited Edition signed storyboards, signed by the artist and select actors.

2k Executive Producer Change
Receive all of the above perks . A big Thank you! First VIP Preview for online streaming (before release) and a “Funders” DVD/Blu-ray plus a Limited Edition storyboard print, signed by the artist and select actors, your name in the movie credits plus IMBD Executive producer credit.

Executive Producer and Company Change
All of the above including VIP Preview Online, PLUS, Executive Producer “SINGLE CARD” title credit in the movie, IMDB credit, IMDB Company credit, A day on the set (for 5k & 10k Executive Producers only),VIP Preview Online (as part of cast & crew preview! We want your input), VIP access to the Festival Premiere, Dinner with select cast & crew, Limited Edition signed copy of the DVD/Blu-ray and Movie Poster!

LC: I think indiegogo is superior to kickstarter because it gives filmmakers the flexible funding option, which means you get to keep the funds whether it reaches it’s goal or not. This allows filmmakers to take that money and continue to pursue the project with shooting a new trailer for an updated campaign, or to show investors, etc. If your campaign doesn’t reach it’s goal will you continue striving to get the funds needed to complete this amazing looking film?

KL: Definitely! We will certainly have to. This campaign got off to rough start and late start. We need a great deal of help in this last week to roll over pre-production into a renewed effort and keep the project alive. There were some mistakes when starting this campaign and a lot of lessons learned. The reality is, that the campaign just didn’t get any exposure.. The stats show that. This is an incredible opportunity and project with a great script and great cast (I wish I could mention the additional actors were talking to)! And I’ve said it before, this movie is just dying to be made. We are still meeting with investors but, there’s nothing better than to have people supporting your project, becoming part of your extended family and knowing that you’re giving them really exclusive content, exclusive access and a unique ride to being part of a movie production.






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Interview With PATH TO SALVATION Director Kirk LaSalle

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