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Happy Birthday Bruce Campbell!

Happy Birthday Bruce
Ah yes, Join Us in bidding a very Happy Birthday to the one and only Bruce Campbell!

Hey Bruce, Thanks for the years of fun and never forgetting the fans!

Thanks for helping create the Evil Dead Trilogy!

Thanks for being so damn funny!

Thanks for beating the shit out of yourself for the sake of making great art!

Thanks for making Ash, easily, the coolest hero in American Cinema’s history!

Thanks for not turning into an arrogant Hollywood asshole!

I’m going to watch those films now.

Have a great day, you’ve earned it.

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Nathan Surface

Nathan Surface is an experimental musician, artist and writer. In 2006 he started Sephirotic Publishing and is the creator of Erotic Dismemberment Art-zine, Corrosive Altars Metal-zine and 24 Frames Cine-zine. He lives with his wife, two cats and thousands of books, films and albums.