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DEVIL IN MY RIDE A Perfect Mix Of Horror And Comedy

Devil In My Ride

Horror comedies, for the most part, miss the mark. Too many times the filmmakers slap on the comedy too thick and ignore the horror elements a third into the film, or vise versa. Compiling all the elements appropriately in this cross-genre is no easy task and very few have pulled it off.

Gary Schultz’s Devil In My Ride pulls it off seamlessly.

Devil In My Ride is about a guy, Travis, who is on his way to attend his sisters wedding, which will be the first time he’s seen her in years. He stops to help a hot gypsy girl on the side of the road and he spots a necklace, which he believes would be a perfect wedding gift. What he doesn’t know is that the necklace contains a demonic force that possesses his sister. He learns that he has 72 hours to get the demon out or his sister will be lost forever. There is only one man who can help, Johnny Priest, who was last seen in Vegas. So Travis and his new brother-in-law, Hank, have to road trip it to Vegas with a demon along for the ride.

Erin Breen in Devil In My Ride

I have to admit, the success of the comedy element has to be in the character Travis, played hysterically by Frank Zieger. The dialogue Travis has in the first few minutes of the film had me laughing out loud. The comedy within this character doesn’t stop there but continues throughout the film. You really root for this good’ol boy and you want to see him save his sister and redeem the mistakes he has made in the past.

Devil In My Ride

Schultz and co-writer Mike Dozier set up some great comedy gags, some insanely funny dialogue, (and a cool and funny appearance by Sid Haig) and smash it deliciously with a horror film, which bakes into one of the funnest movies I’ve seen since Shaun Of The Dead. The story is a cross between Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle and The Exorcist.

If you have been missing the fun in the horror/comedy genre, Devil In My Ride is one that you won’t want to miss. It will be available On Demand starting May 13th!

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Chad Armstrong

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