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THE COED AND THE ZOMBIE STONER (2014): Review…Strip Off Your Shirts, Ladies, Or Get Eaten

A must see horror-comedy from Glenn Miller

Every once in a while I’ll sit down and watch a movie, a random movie that looks fun. A piece of entertainment that I can just shut off the ol’ noggin’ for 90 minutes and just enjoy, without having to think too hard, put pieces of a story together, and relieve some stress. A film that will make me forget about what’s haunting my mind for a short time.

Let’s just say, I picked the right one this time around.

The Coed And The Zombie Stoner follows the story of a nerdy Sorority girl, Chrissy, who falls in love with a zombie, Rigo (Grant O’ Connell). But this isn’t just any zombie, it’s a pot induced zombie, who’s anger and feeding habits can be suppressed by smokin’ a joint. The sorority leader, Bambi (Jamie Noel), becomes jealous of Chrissy and provokes Rigo’s anger to the point where he bites a fraternity lad at a party. Well of course the guy turns, bites another, they turn, until you have a college zombie potpacalypse happening. Chrissy must turn the zombie’s back to their human selves, but at the same time turn Rigo back into a human. Will she still love him as much as she did when he was a Zombie?

Quick get the bong!

This film had some great laughs, some outrageously fun subplots, and certainly was one of those cult horror-comedies that I feel needs to be watched. Directed perfectly by Glenn Miller, and distributed by the genius folks over at The Asylum,  The Coed And The Zombie Stoner has it all, Zombies, some great makeup effects, naked coed’s, and a story that is both entertaining and funny.

What really sets this film apart from most lower-budget horror-comedies, and especially the normal Asylum fair, is the cast. The cast is a delight to watch. Delivering their lines and reacting to these outrageous situations, certainly hit the mark. The cast knows exactly what kind of film they are making and play it just right. Most of these types of films you will catch the actors trying to play their characters way to serious for the material , but not here, they know what universe their characters are in and pull back just enough to pull off the perfect campy set of characters. A special note of casting, Jamie Noel’s performance as Bambi is hilarious. She has a scene at the beginning of the film where the sorority girls botch a party, they are lined up and she is scolding them. The scene reminded me of one with Don Rickles in Dirty Work. He has a theater crew lined up, which includes Norm McDonald and Artie Lange, and he’s just ripping them all verbally new assholes. Well Jamie Noel does this just as good and delivers her dialogue and gives Don Rickles monologue a run for its money. I was laughing my ass off. With lines like “I will personally cunt punch you the fuck out of my house that my that my mom got me on my eighteenth birthday”, cheesy I know, but it works all because of her delivery.

Jamie Noel as Bambi, ripping the coeds a new one

Also the girls removing their shirts and distracting the zombies with their boobs, doesn’t hurt the flick any and is a great ploy, because the zombies are frat brothers, so of course this would work.

Overall this is a great film to sit back and relax to after a hard work week. Some no-brainer fun that I can not recommend highly enough. This film certainly has been mutilated review-wise, but this is not a realistic film. Anyone going into this film with the title The Coed And The Zombie Stoner, should know that it’s not going to be Oscar material. So why crucify it when it certainly stands up to what the title promises and gives you everything you wanted when you picked this one to watch.

That’s my opinion, I’m a bit crazy and I like films that are way out in left field, but if done creatively and it’s entertaining, there will always be room for these types of films in my heart. I highly recommend this one to anyone looking for some good laughs and has a bizarre sense of humor like myself.


THE COED AND THE ZOMBIE STONER 2014: Review Strip Off Your Shirt’s Ladies Or Get Eaten


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