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A Chat With Actress Julie McNiven of THE POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING

Julie McNiven

The new film The Possession Of Michael King is out now, and you can tell by my review that I think you should check it out!

I had the good luck to have an opportunity to talk with one of the film’s stars, Julie McNiven.

LC:  First of all, I loved the movie, I thought it was really awesome! I spoke with David [Jung] yesterday and he told me that you guys only had 19 days to shoot so I imagine it was really intense. What was filming like?

JM:  Well I’m sure for David and Shane [Johnson] it was a lot more intense than it was for me. I love working, so when I have long hours, I’m happy—I love being on set, I love working. So it wasn’t as intense for me, you know, I’m not the center of the story, so I didn’t have as many scenes as Shane does.

LC:  Speaking of Shane [Johnson], I thought you guys were both fantastic together. How do you go about building a relationship off-screen so that it will translate on-screen?

JM:  Well, I pretty much met him when I came to my fitting. We didn’t get to hang out or anything until we came to work. You know, he’s an easy person to get along with.  It all fell into place really easily. We all felt really comfortable shooting, as well as Ella Anderson, who played Ellie. I love Ellie, I freakin’ adore that child! She’s great, she was so comfortable [on set.]

LC:  Aww, she’s so cute! How did you get involved with this film?

JM:  I auditioned on the last day of auditions. I went in at about 3 or 4 that afternoon and they called me at 8 o’clock that night, and I got it! It was traditional, like “They’re doing an open audition, do you want it?” So I went out on an audition, and then a few hours later, I had the part.

LC:  That’s crazy, that’s so quick!

JM:  Yeah! I know for Shane, it was much more involved. It must have been a month, or at least a few weeks, before I even got involved so they had been casting for a while.

LC:  When you’re approaching any project, what is it, exactly, that you look for in a script or a film? What draws you to certain projects more than others?

Julie McNiven

JM:  I really look for a good story. Actors, we read scripts all the time and we have to go out [on auditions] all the time and sometimes of the things we don’t really think is amazing. But, it’s part of our jobs, you have to be able to weed through those things. As actors, we’re constantly looking for jobs, we’re constantly seeing what’s out there. So, when you read a script and you like the story, and it just flows, I mean, it’s a really professionally rewarding day. So when I read David’s script, I was like, ah cool, this is great! That’s what drew me to this, and in general, that’s what draws me to any project—if I like the script, if I think it’s something that will translate well to the screen, then I’m happy to work.

LC:  What’s your favorite horror movie?

JM:  Oh! I have a good one… it’s either British or Irish.  Citadel!

LC:  Oh I’ve never seen that!

JM:  I saw it a few years ago, like two years ago.  The lead actor [Aneurin Barnard] is amazing.  I don’t want to say his name because I’ll butcher it!  I would definitely recommend finding a copy of it and putting on the biggest screen that you can.  Just definitely watch it, you’ll love it!

LC:  I’ll definitely put that on my list!  Are you working on any other projects right now that we can look out for?

JM:  Yes, right now, I’m guesting on an episode of a show but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say or not what it is, but I am working on that.  And then I’m in pre-production for a film, an adventure/comedy film that we’ll be shooting in October.  Once I’m allowed to talk about that I’ll definitely be putting it on social media so it will be really easy to find out about.

LC:  Fantastic.  Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today.  I really did enjoy the movie, I thought it was so different from pretty much every other possession movie.  I was talking to David about this yesterday, but it’s always a woman being possessed.

Shane Johnson and Julie McNiven of The Possession Of Michael King

JM:  I know!  I think it’s so great, Shane definitely pushed the boundaries with his difficult gymnastic work!  You see that in girls, you know so many young girls are so flexible, so it’s gross and it’s scary and looks weird but you’re like, “Oh they’re 12, they can do that with their bodies.”  But when you see a grown man do that with his body, it’s like wow, pretty impressive.  Scary.

LC:  Totally. Thanks so much for your time!

JM:  Thank you, bye!

We here at LeglessCorpse will be looking forward to Julie’s upcoming projects, and we wish her all the best!

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