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Last year, video game company Bethesda made the unusual choice to shoot a live action trailer for their highly anticipated, first person horror game, The Evil Within.

Now that the game is out, special effects company Studio ADI, the masterminds behind creatures for most of the Aliens films, Tremors, Starship Troopers, the 2011 prequeal to The Thing, and their own Harbinger Down, have released behind the scenes footage of their work on this epically creepy teaser, for what the game promised to be.

That hot four armed chick, covered in blood… IT’S A MAN, BABY!!! Actor Mick Ignis was chosen to wear the mutant female body prosthetic, and rise from a pool of blood, for his slight build and exceptional performance ability.

“The blood, which was a liquid similar to bath oil, was actually heated up for me! Felt like a very disturbing hot tub.”

Make up mastermind Michael Spatola, who famously worked on the T-1000 head splitting effects on James Cameron’s Terminator 2 was also brought in, to help provide the project with its numerous tortured souls. What finally resulted was a cool phantasmagoria of nightmares, including mangled corpses, rod iron impalement, barbed wire, and a guy with a safe full of intestines where his head should be.

The above video is particularly interesting, because it’s a great example of how effective practical effects, and trick photography can be. Sometimes a simple camera angle and reversing the video is all you need to bring life to your creature. In fact, ADI owners Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr are two of the driving forces behind the recent practical effects Renaissance and have even coined the hashtag #keeppfxalive, to go with #practicaleffects and #pfx.

When the trailer was released, it left quite a chilling impression on people, but nothing says you’ve done your job well than when The Onion does a parody of your work. Soon after, the satirical comedy site put out an “article” on how the video game had sparked outrage amongst the barbed wire community, but it was the live action footage they used.

In this particular instance it could be argued that for the first time in history, a horror themed video game has been upstaged by its own commercial. What do you think?


The following two tabs change content below. an indie film maker in Austin, TX who specializes in low budget practical effects in the sci-fi and horror genre's. He is also the publisher of Moonlight Art Magazine and creator behind comics such as The Black Lipstick Curse, The Temp, and Negative.