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Scott Steindorff Debuts SYMPATHY FOR THE SOUL With Lion Forge Comics

Veteran TV and film producer Scott Steindorff announced a partnership and new comic series with Lion Forge Comics at Comic Con International. The new series – a first for the LAS VEGAS producer – is an ongoing supernatural adventure story called SYMPATHY FOR THE SOUL.

Issue #1

Illustrated by Pow Rodrix and Sai Studios, the series charts the rise of Michael Hanley, a Las Vegas showman with real psychic and telepathic abilities. When he is possessed on stage by a mysterious force, his whole life is thrown into disarray. Michael, a former black ops military vet, must assemble his old team of commandos to hunt down the ominous villain and set things right.

When Scott first approached us with this idea I jumped at the chance to publish it,” said Lion Forge CEO Dave Steward II. “It has everything we look for in a Lion Forge series – action, mystery, flawed heroes with amazing abilities, and a fresh, unexpected mix of genres. Scott takes us to some surprising places in this initial storyline and as a fan, I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Issue #2

SYMPATHY FOR THE SOUL will launch as an eight-issue digital series in late 2015, with a print volume and follow-up series planned for 2016. Steindorff said he’s looking forward to creating a comic series with the same suspense and compelling episodic drama of his major television hits, including the syndicated NBC television series LAS VEGAS and the Emmy and Golden Globe award winning HBO mini-series EMPIRE FALLS.

I’ve been a comic fan since I was a kid and am excited to get to tell stories with the support of such great artists,” Steindorff said. “Lion Forge has been a dream to work with. I can’t wait to create more worlds with them.”

Lion Forge is a St. Louis-based transmedia studio with a focus on digital publishing. With both original and licensed titles, Lion Forge brings together the brightest talent to acquire and develop content and character franchises within the comic book, television, film, and interactive gaming industries. Lion Forge applies cinematic elements to each property to create compelling, story-driven experiences from start to finish, bringing unique entertainment experiences to both traditional and digital marketplaces.

For more information on SYMPATHY FOR THE SOUL or Lion Forge Comics, please visit or the Lion Forge Facebook and Twitter pages.


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