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Writer/Producer John Sullivan Attaches Byron C. Miller To Direct Two New Horror Films

Producer John Sullivan, also the screenwriter of such films as The Prophecy 4 and 5, Fear of the Dark, Recoil, and the upcoming Security starring Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley, attaches director Byron C. Miller to two new horror films.




Produced by Mammo Media & Blackout Films
Written by John Sullivan, Bill Rodemeyer, Terrance Mulloy
Directed by Byron C. Miller.

SYNOPSIS – A family fleeing their haunted house, is forced back inside by a group of vicious home invaders. Now, they must work together to survive the night. Or be dead by dawn.


Phantom Theater

Produced by John Sullivan/Blackout Films
Written by Byron C. Miller and Paul Morgan
Directed by Byron C. Miller

SYNOPSIS – The lives of five friends are torn apart by a legendary TV Horror Host turned homicidal maniac.


Director Byron C. Miller’s credits include The Anatomy of Monsters, NIGHT, and music videos including the dystopian “Mechanism” for Endless Sunder. Byron is also the frontman/lyricist for shockrock band Ghosts in the Graveyard, and served as producer/editor for their debut music video, “Better in Black”. For 8 years Byron served as live performer (co-frontman) and videographer for industrial band God Module, performing with them at shows across the world.



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