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WINK (2016): Short Film Review…Put On A Happy Face

Wink – 2016

Alex J. Mann is at it again — the short filmmaker has produced several very entertaining horror shorts over the past year, delineating the perils of this “smart phone” culture we’ve become, targeting SnapChat (3 Seconds), Instagram (Follower, Me2) and Gchat (Green Dot) in his works.  Now, with his newest short Wink,  he’s turned his clever attention to something I think even the most anti-smartphone culturists (like myself) can relate to…

A teenage girl sits at home on Halloween, awaiting trick-or-treaters and chatting with her boyfriend via text.  She notices that, oddly enough, all of the emojis on her phone seem to have vanished, but the doorbell ringing puts that out of her mind.  Preparing the candy for the costumed kids, she finds that no one is at the door.  No sooner is she back inside that the doorbell rings again, and again, no one is there.  Suspecting a Halloween prank, the girl scowls…but there’s another  sound at the door, a raspy, scratching sound…and what she finds has escaped her phone and entered her young life this All Hallow’s Eve may well write an end  to it…all smiles as it does so.

“Wink” indeed…

OK, you’re thinking whaaaaaaaaaaat?  I know was — killer emojis?  Seriously?!?  Nonetheless, I have to admit that Mann’s direction, reminiscent of many of the old slasher flicks of the ’80s, put me in that place where the hilarity of the antagonist, juxtaposed with the familiarity of the situation, provided an original if not frightening three minutes.  Add in some bloody FX and quite humorous and clever use of the animated killer, and I gotta admit, I had a blast with it.  And who’s to say?  In the grand scope of horror filmdom, have we not seen seriously off-the-wall examples of bad guys before?

Good fun, and relevant to the times we live in.  For a short but sweet Halloween-y flick befitting the season, I definitely say give it a go.  You don’t have to go far, because by the good grace of the writer/director himself, LeglessCorpse is proud to present it to you right here!




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