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Oscar Winner Barney Burman Brings WILD BOAR Out Of It’s Nest

Wild Boar Movie


Oscar winning Special Effects Make-up Artist, Barney Burman (STAR TREK, GRIMM), is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund his feature film directorial debut entitled WILD BOAR.

The story follows a group of Geocachers (modern day “Treasure Hunters”) who trek out to an uncharted desert territory in search of the infamous “Foster Challenge.” Out in the wild they stumble upon a forbidden world flooded with radiation and inhabited by a race of bloodthirsty mutants who evolved from pigs.

On The Hunt

The bloodcurdling sci-fi/horror film is scripted by Burman as well and stars Augie Duke (BAD KIDS GO TO HELL, SPRING), Daniel Roebuck (THE FUGITIVE, FINAL DESTINATION), Douglas Tait (THOR, STAR TREK), Jessica Sonneborn (ALICE D, THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET), Jim Nieb (CHANGELING, MEET THE SPARTANS), and Michael Reed (THE DISCO EXORCIST, NORMAL). The creative team also includes Producer Ramona Mallory (PIRANHA SHARKS), Cinematographer Andre Welsh (RED SLEEP, THE PROCESS) and Special Effects Make-up Artist Nick Reisinger (THE HAUNTING OF CELLBLOCK 11, NAKED ZOMBIE GIRL).

Please visit the campaign on Indiegogo where you will find exclusive interviews from Barney and cast members as well as a sneak peek trailer for the film, WILD BOAR.

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Oscar Winner Barney Burman Brings WILD BOAR Out Of It’s Nest

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