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WAY OF THE WICKED (2014) Slater And Jones Are Delightful

Way Of The Wicked

Man, I really wanted to like this film. I mean it has Christian Slater and Vinnie Jones, who both elevate the film from unwatchable to watchable.

Christian Slater plays Priest Henry, who has been following a kid, Robbie, who he believes choked a kid to death with his mind five years ago. Robbie returns to town and suddenly mysterious deaths begin to occur, not to mention kids being slung into lockers by an unknown force. Vinnie Jones plays detective John Elliot, investigating the murders. John is also the father of Heather who Robbie has been in love with since they were kids. John and Priest Henry team up to find out the truth about Robbie and the mysteries surrounding his powers.

Though the story is ill constructed, plot points not fully explained and a cheap twist ending, the story still feels too simplistic. I found myself checking the running time throughout the film wondering when this dreadful shift would end (meaning like watching the film felt like work as opposed to being entertained).

Jake Croker

Jake Croker, who plays Robbie, was such a poor casting decision. Every time he would deliver his lines I was compelled to feel for him, thinking he was mentally challenged. He delivered his lines like… a… Robot. Most of the time his physical mannerisms felt, well off. I have seen Croker in The Killing and don’t recall this awkwardness. This may have been at the directors (Kevin Carraway) request but it put a damper on the character and the film.

Again Jones and Slater’s performances are all that give this dreadful yawn any kind of viewing pleasure.

It was great to see Slater in another genre flick (TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE THE MOVIE anyone), but it’s unfortunate that it had to be WAY OF THE WICKED.

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