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My Votes For Horror Franchises That Need To End…

Horror franchises are an easy way to make money and a good way to appeal to a wide audience.  But how many is too many?  When do they finally need to just hang it up?  I’ve conducted a list of my top three films that I feel outdid their welcome.  Why only three?  Because these were the worst offenders!


Saw 3D – 2010

1. SAW

Some people loved the franchise while others said that it should have ended after the first one. No matter which side you’re on, we can agree that there were too many movies.  Although I wrote an article about when Saw jumped the shark, a lot of fans can agree that there was nothing left to work with after Jigsaw died.





Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation – 1994


Oh boy.  They tried so many things with this story arc.  Sequels, a remake, and a prequel.  I understand that Leatherface is an iconic character, he was superb in the first one. Why ruin it?  The first not only still holds up by today’s standards, but it’s so perfectly 70s.  Do yourself a favor and just stick with the original.





Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones – 2014


My husband and I liked the first one a lot and absolutely adored the third (we thought that the second was OK, but we’re in the minority on that one).  The sad thing is, not only is it still going, but they’ve also got other story arc’s in other films going on. GAH!  This is overload!  It should have stopped with the fourth one, or maybe, after the first.


So, that’s my list.  I know that this wasn’t a lot, but I felt like these three were the worst of the worst.  Are there any that are on your list?  When should they have stopped?


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In my early twenties, I was an actress in some horror films and I wrote film reviews on a Christian website under the name Sarah Brock. I'm now happy to explore the world of horror once again.