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Trailer & Purchase Information For HOMICIDAL MANIAC 1 & 2

Beware the Psychotic Shrimp Worker!

Rick is just a mild-mannered guy. That is, until his shrimp gobbling boss, crabby customers, and nagging lady friends push him too far and he loses his ever-loving mind! Now, he’s on a homicidal rampage and no one is safe!

Death, defilement, and dismemberment fill the screen as the bodies pile up and this homicidal maniac turns sexy skanks into bloody, molested fishing bait. Available on DVD for the first time ever, experience sleaze like you’ve never seen from the perverted mind of “The Mad Genius” Johann Tetrault.


He got away with killing and violating the first time. But, Shrimper Rick’s old lady just made him snap again! Now, the homicidal maniac is ready to unleash his sickest, sleaziest, and deadliest desires.

When the cops close in on crazy Rick, he goes into “insane pervert overdrive” and snatches up all the skanks he can. Back at his hidden torture shack, it’s business as usual as he torments and butchers their flesh in a rampage of bloody horror.

Suicide Girl, Lindsey Baker, AKA ‘Saturn Suicide’ stars in this sweatier, sleazier, smellier sequel from the deviant mind of “The Mad Genius” Johann Tetreault.

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Homicidal Maniac Trailer:

Homicidal Maniac 2 SICKO Trailer:

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