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THE SKELETON KEY 2005 The Second Times Not The Charm

The Skeleton Key
So, I watched the Skeleton Key for a second time last week. Does anyone remember that movie? It starred Kate Hudson as a woman caring for an elderly man who had a stroke and his wife. The movie is set in New Orleans and has a lot of voodoo type stuff mixed in.

The selling point of this movie when it first came out was the big twist at the end. Hudson made a big deal about it in the promos and they even talked about the surprise ending in the trailers. Really, that was the whole reason why I was getting so hyped about seeing it. Who doesn’t love a big shocker?

At the time, I was stunned-and watching it a second time through, I still got chills. Even my picky husband was surprised. Still, is that worth sitting through an entire movie? What about the plot and the characters?

At the time that I saw it, I thought that the plot was engaging. The second time through, I felt a little bored. The movie was slower than I remembered. I also felt like you got plenty of a background story on some minor characters, but not Hudson, who was the star.

Kate Hudson In The Skeleton Key

I’ll give the movie credit for showing the dreary side of New Orleans. Yes, there is a drab side to it, not all of it is Bourbon Street! But, in hindsight, maybe that was the problem. The movie was so dark and gloomy that it got to be just a bit boring.

So, after seeing it a second time, do I think that the movie still holds up? Sadly, no, but it wasn’t as bad as I’m making it out. It still held my attention (for the most part) and my husband who had never seen it before felt pretty entertained. It was just way more interesting the last fifteen or twenties minutes than the rest of the film.

So, I’d say pass on this one. If you want to see a movie that has a good twist but still holds your attention.


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