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THE UNCANNY (2015) Review: Artificial Love At First Sight

uncannyA interviewer, Joy, sets out to interview a robotic inventor and in the process meets a hunky guy named Adam. To Joy’s surprise, she finds out Adam isn’t actually a human.  Adam is, in fact, the most highly advanced Artificial Intelligence — um, well robot — ever created. She gets intrigued and is a little “drawn” to him; at the same time Adam is becoming more infatuated with her.

The inventor talks and acts more like a robot than the actual robot, and the dialogue scenes seem to go on forever, as does this movie.

Adam begins to stalk Joy, watching her on CCTV monitors, showing up at her door out of the blue –the main problem was that he never convinced me that he was an intellectual robot; instead, he comes of as a creepy stalker at times, and an emotional teenager in others.

On the flip side, Joy begins stalking Adam too, watching him sleep, trying to learn more about him — however it’s more of an intrigued “creeper” vibe than what Adam gives off. The relationship between these two is the most interesting thing in the film but, without the film really, truly making us feel Adam is an actual robot, it really falls short. I don’t want my robots all emotional and heart broken, I want my robots ripping guts out of people or saving the planet from a bad guy that’s a worthy adversary; all we get here is a tired Lifetime movie, without commercials.

In fairness, the film is tagged as a “Scifi-Drama”, not horror — and it’s certainly “scifi-drama” that you get here. A long, drawn out story that really doesn’t build too much but an emotional guy trying to get into a girl’s pants unsuccessfully, and then getting pissed off at the guy who actually does.



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