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THE LIVING CORPSE Creators Launch Kickstarter Campaign For Next Graphic Novel

The creative team behind The Living Corpse  comics have announced a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to fund the latest installment of the story!


Sequel to the widely-loved Living Corpse, The Living Corpse: Relics  is a 160+ page original graphic novel that contains a brand new Living Corpse story as well as a ton of behind the scenes material. Think scripts, character designs and a ton of great pin-ups from a bunch of kick ass artists!

But there’s one catch — creators Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson and Blair Smith need your help to bring their idea to life!

The team has put together a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to fund the completion of the book and get it on shelves!

For the month of October, fans will be able to contribute to the making of The Living Corpse: Relics, and score a bunch of great rewards along the way. From your very own copy of the upcoming book, to an entire Living Corpse package, fans can receive a stack of great Living Corpse merch from anywhere across the globe.

Plus, fans can get a free sneak peak at the new book on the Kickstarter page!


We spoke to one of the creators, Buz Hasson, about The Living Corpse, and the upcoming installment.

LeglessCorpse:  What inspired you to get this going, sir?

Buz:  We were inspired to start the Living Corpse: Relics  Kickstarter because there just isn’t enough support on the publisher level for the book — it’s got a cult following and is strong, but small — so it’s up to us to keep it going, and the fans if they want to see it more often.

LC:  What has been your training ground?

Buz:  Lots of time over the last year, waiting for the comic publisher to chime in on the progress and potential for the series, so we took the silent year of working on the book and asking lots of our friends who were successful on Kickstarter with their own intellectual properties.

LC: Do you consider the art work or the film work your main crust?

Buz: I’ve been professionally tattooing for the last 20 years ( That’s provided the creative environment to explore comics and film on the down time to develop ideas I’ve had for years. Creating characters and stories comes naturally, but the market is etheric and the talent pool overflowing, so were asking for our new and old fans of the material to chime in on the Kickstarter while the whole industry is on the ground floor running.


 LC: Where did the idea for this new project come from?

Buz: It’s the third instalment of our already running brand of The Living Corpse  comic books. Big reveals, big plot twists — old fans are gonna love it!  They’ve been waiting for the last 4 years for it, so now’s the time to make it happen on the Kickstarter!  New fans can also catch up with digital downloads on the site!

 LC: And this is a genre you obviously enjoy?

Buz:  Horror, scifi, kids stuff — we like it all.  Drawing comics in our style is what we do best; its throwback style lends itself to have an eye-catching look most people always get drawn to even if they don’t know the material.

LC:  Best comic of all time?

Buz:  Tough answer. I’ll say Watchmen.

 LC:  What about of the horror genre?

Buz:  For me, it’s all the Raimi stuff — Evil Dead  series, hands down.  Can’t beat comedy and horror.

LC:  How can we help get this thing going for you?

Buz: Make a pledge to the Kickstarter!  Rewards as low as a dollar!  Haha check the campaign tab on mobile to see all glorious pics of the rewards we’re offering for supporting the comic series, and a pretty funny video too!


We appreciate Buz taking the time out to talk to us about the campaign and the project — now you folks out there click on that link above and help him and his co-creators make this happen!



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