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THE LAST HEIST (2016): Review…The Best Sociopath Since Bateman

The Last Heist – 2016

Fuck yeah, Henry Rollins.

I was so stoked to see the newest film starring my favorite punk silver fox, who — unsurprisingly — crushed this role.  The Last Heist is about a bank robbery that quickly turns into something much more than a money-grab. While the heist is underway in a near-defunct bank branch, The Windows Killer (Henry Rollins) is busy with his own plans: killing the hostages and robbers one by one.

I can’t rave enough about how amazing Henry Rollins is in this role. He’s absolutely stellar, and completely sold me from his first on-screen kill. His performance is flawless. Rollins is the ultimate sociopathic serial killer in this role, and, in my opinion, is matched only by Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman; The Windows Killer is definitely the best sociopath since Bateman. His creepy mannerisms, glassy eyes, and joyless smile will give you the chills.  I could not look away whenever he was speaking, as Rollins completely commands the screen.

For me, Rollins’ performance is the clear highlight of the film. The other aspects of the film are not quite as successful. The idea is brilliant – a bank robbery that gives a serial killer a building full of people that cannot get out. That’s an amazing idea. But the other characters feel kind of flat, especially compared to Rollins’ dynamic performance. There’s the hard-boiled female detective, the pair of rookie cops, the band of bankrobbers that seem to sweat the moment they hit a snag in the plan.

Henry Rollins as Bernard…the Windows Killer

With such a bright, unique idea, this movie could have been a lot better, because the plot is a little clunky and busy. Just let your serial killer cut through this crowd of trapped hostages. That’s compelling enough as it is without throwing countless plot twists at your audience.

The Last Heist, unfortunately, is a film in which the concept is stronger than the actual product. Had it offered a few less subplots and a few more interesting characters, it would be have been a better movie…

…but I still sincerely urge you to see this film, because Rollins is just THAT amazing.


XLrator Media will be releasing THE LAST HEIST in Theaters, VOD, and iTunes on June 17th. 




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