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THE BUNNYMAN MASSACRE (2014) A Visually Intriguing Film

The Bunnyman Massacre

I’m a sucker for imagery. Whether it’s the helicopter scene in APOCALYPSE NOW, the last beautiful shot in JUG FACE, the light flickering in the background during the gun fight in TRUE ROMANCE, or a man in a bunny costume holding a chainsaw in THE BUNNYMAN MASSACRE. Movies and films, for me, are defined by these amazing images.

THE BUNNYMAN MASSACRE, written and directed by Carl Lindbergh, certainly gorged on my visual appetite. Every time the Bunnyman was onscreen I was transfixed to it. It’s just something about that costume and the way the Bunnyman (played excellently by Joshua Lang) moved that hypnotized me.

The story is simple, the Bunnyman and his sidekick , Joe (played by David Scott), hunt people and kill them to make beef jerky to sell to the public. Two girls are captured, deals are made, escapes are attempted, and characters get killed, of course.

Who Says horror can’t be beautiful

Story-wise, there is nothing really new. The Bunnyman being a mute, was surely the most interesting character in the film. There is so much mystery to him (and I’ll admit, I have not seen the first Bunnyman, so this was all new to me). Lang does his best to convey the feelings of the Bunnyman, without any words, or facial expression. He makes up for the lack of visual emotion through body language, which is great. The only problem with the Bunnyman not speaking is that Lindbergh made Joe a character that would not shut up. At first, his one liners and shit-talking dialogue was there to establish his character, which is perfectly fine, but then it continued, and Joe just

The Bunnyman and Joe have their differences.

wouldn’t shut the fuck up. It got old and tiring quick. But that is just one small flaw in this otherwise interesting flick.

The Bunnyman Massacre is visually stunning (especially the last shot of the Bunnyman walking out to the sunrise, chainsaw in tow), it’s well paced, bloody, and has a man in a bunny suit slaughtering a school bus load of kids. Now you gotta watch it right?

THE BUNNYMAN MASSACRE is well worth a watch, even adding it to your movie library would be a good idea.

‘That’s All Folks’

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