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Start Your Own Christmas (Horror) Tradition — Get KRAMPUS IN THE CLOSET!

Anybody can have an “Elf-On-The-Shelf” — It Takes A Horror Fan To Have THE KRAMPUS IN THE CLOSET!

Out of the way, Elf on the Shelf! Move over, Mensch on a Bench! This holiday season, Amanda Christine shows us that there’s a new shelf-sitter in town!



Are your kids learning the wrong lessons from a naughty elf? Does he eat all your food, draw things on your photos and walls, and generally make a mess? And this guy’s supposed to be tattling on your kid to Santa? What a hypocrite!

Amateur hour is over. It’s time for a real disciplinarian – The Krampus in the Closet!

Inspired by traditional Alpine folklore, The Krampus has been sent by old Saint Nick to keep an eye on children he’s heard have been naughty. It’s his job to punish boys and girls who don’t do what they’re told, so he’s sending miniature Krampus minions to keep an eye out! The Krampus has a bag of coal and a bundle of switches with your naughty kid’s name on it — and he’s not afraid to let them know!

The prototype

Of course, The Krampus in the Closet is satire…but your child doesn’t need to know that! You can use him alone or along with the Elf on the Shelf you probably already own. Maybe your Krampus can tie up your elf and stuff him in a sack? Maybe Krampus is actually the naughty one who squeezes out all the toothpaste and writes messages on your mirror. (“You’re next!”)

Add some dark humor to your holiday this year! The Krampus in the Closet – because nothing scares children into submission like the threat of violence from a horned devil creature!

This Kickstarter campaign will cover the costs of the first production run of 250 Krampus figures. The funds will also cover the creation of The Krampus in the Closet book.

So far the logo and Krampus have been designed. A prototype figure as been created. The book is written, but not illustrated. Amanda is currently deciding between two different printers for the book.

After this Kickstarter campaign is funded, Amanda will be able to complete the first production run of 250 Krampus dolls and books, illustrate the book, and ship the finished products to the other disturbed people who think this is funny by the first week of December.

So wha’dya say? Let’s help get these made!


As a sculptor and puppet maker, Amanda is qualified and confident in her ability to bring this project to life. She has a unique set of artist friends who are willing to help with production. If she doesn’t know how to do something (like how to weigh down the doll’s butt), she knows someone who does, but there is little left that hasn’t been thought of already.

She interned in the puppet fabrication department for the feature film Hell and Back (starring Mila Kunis, TJ Miller, etc.) which, after a successful run at the Cannes Film festival, was released in the US on October 2, 2015. She’s received grants from the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta to create three stop-motion animated short films  — so we can be sure she knows her way around creepy miniatures!

Amanda and her team don’t expect any issues delivering their products in time for Christmas this year, but the goal is to begin shipping after Thanksgiving. Depending on the postal service’s work load, they hope to have all the Krampus toys and books at your doors by the first week of December.



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