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Spring Break Approacheth — Plan Your Haunted Holiday Road Trip!

Believe it or not, we are only weeks away from Spring Break, and a few short months until summer. And you know what that  means — ROAD TRIP!

To get you in in the spirit, we’ve compiled a list of five of the country’s most haunted cities you should definitely visit on your next road trip and suggestions for films to watch while you are there!


1. Salem, Massachusetts

It is no surprise that Salem – which has earned the nickname the “Witch City” – is one of America’s most haunted cities. Haunted legends and folklore surround the town that was once the home to the infamous witch trials. Visitors often capture images and recordings from the victims of these trials, especially while staying at the Hawthorne Hotel, which is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Bridget Bishop, one of the first to be executed for the crime of being a witch.

After a day of exploring this “spooky” city, check out the equally witchy LORDS OF SALEM on Shudder.

2. San Antonio, Texas

Arguably the most haunted city in Texas, San Antonio was the site of the Battle of the Alamo during the Texas Revolution. The battle resulted in about 400-600 casualties, one of which is speculated to be the infamous Davy Crocket. Visitors to the Alamo have reported feeling the weight of someone watching them and hearing whispers as they tour the grounds. Legend also has it that the ghost of John Wayne regularly visits the historic site he was so infatuated with during his life.

Remember the Alamo with San Antonio filmmaker Ashley Wellberg’s DEAD AWAKE, shot all over her hometown, available on Amazon Video.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

The home of grisly murders, plundering pirates, and voodoo legends, New Orleans is full of restless spirits. One location that many claim to experience the paranormal is St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. The cemetery is 1 square block in diameter and the final resting place of over 100,000, including victims of yellow fever and the voodoo priestess Marie Laveau. Many cemetery visitors still leave offerings and prayers to the priestess in hopes their wish will come true.

Meet a spirit with a mysterious death while watching GHOST OF NEW ORLEANS when it hits theaters, VOD, and Digital HD on February 17th.

4. Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Known for UFO sightings and the Mothman (there is even an entire museum and statue in the city dedicated to the Mothman myth), Point Pleasant also has its share of ghosts. One hotel in particular, the Lowe Hotel, has become the city’s paranormal hotspot with sightings reported to be family members and employees of the hotel’s owners. Dance with the spirit of Juliette Smith on the second floor and watch for a ship with Captain Jim in room 316.


Wait for the spirits to materialize while watching THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES on VUDU.

5. Chicago, Illinois

From the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 to the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and H.H. Holmes’ “Murder Castle,” Chicago is littered with tragic tales. The sites of these events are only a few of the many locations in the city said to be haunted. Visitors to the city have experienced cold spots, uneasy feelings, and watching spirits materialize and vanish right before their eyes. This is often the case when passing Resurrection Cemetery, where the ghost of a woman has been seen trying to hitch a ride only to disappear before the car can arrive at the cemetery.

Watch another tragedy unfold with CHILD’S PLAY on Amazon Video.


Enjoy your own Spring Break Road Trip…but watch that rearview, and watch for GHOSTS OF NEW ORLEANS, February 17th!!



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