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Sophie Curtis Talks INNOCENCE, Witches, And Horror Flicks

Sophie Curtis

We had a chance to chat with Sophie Curtis, star of the upcoming thriller INNOCENCE.

LEGLESS CORPSE: INNOCENCE is based on a novel by Jane Mendelsohn. Were you familiar with the book before going into the project?

SOPHIE CURTIS: I had not read the novel prior to getting the part, but when I got the part I was working closely with JAne, she was a producer and writer of INNOCENCE. We talked about about the book a good amount. Hilary Brougher, the director didn’t actually want me read the book. The books a little bit different from the movie and is written in Beckett’s voice, which was the most important change from the book. It is Beckett’s story. She does have a really strong voice and natural way about her and that’s really captured in the book and in the film.

LC: Beckett has some intense psychological things going on in her head. How did you prepare for the role, get into that mindset?

SC: Well I might have not gone through the same things as Beckett, with the witches and everything, but I understand the feeling when everyone thinks you’re wrong or crazy and don’t understand you. I think if you just draw off those little moments and these little feelings and expand upon them into your own type of thing, works. That’s what I did for Beckett. Sometimes it came more easily depending on what it was. I really do r\feel that I connected to her and I think that we have a lot of similarities. I think that made it a little bit easier.

LC: Being so young and being the star of a feature film did you feel any pressure going into production?

SC: Yeah I think anyone would. It was different. I have played supporting roles before, so I was just helping move along the story and help the main characters develop their identities. Where in this film the characters were doing that but it was my story. That was really different for me. I had very long hours and I think it being my first film, just the intensity involved and me being nervous kind of added to the things Beckett was feeling. I think that kind of helped me going to that psychological psychosis with everything she was feeling because I was feeling similar feelings being my first film.

LC: The film is more of a thriller with horror elements layered in. Are you a fan of horror films?

Sophie Curtis in Innocence

SC: I’m pretty much open to anything. Honestly I like horror movies. I’m kind of more curious about why people the people are doing what they are doing in them. I don’t really know if I would call INNOCENCE a horror movie. I think it’s more about a girl facing all the problems that just happens to be blood-sucking witches. As for horror movies, I think I can handle a few boogeymen and monsters. My favorite horror movie is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. But again, it’s kind of the idea of a supernatural love story with a normal girl whose trapped in this type of reality. I think I drew inspiration from that for INNOCENCE and for Beckett’s character.

LC: You are truly amazing in the film. I’m sure a lot of our readers will want to know what you have coming up next?

SC: Well thank you for the compliment. I’m actually going to school tomorrow. I’m moving to UC Berkeley to go to school so I’m kind of focused on that. I’m waiting for INNOCENCE to come out. I’ve been offered a few opportunities but I’m taking my time to pick the right one that will take my film career in the right direction. I want to do something different that what I’ve been doing. I have to choose something that I’m super passionate about. That I think will be good for me. I’m taking my time. But no, I don’t have any specifics for your right now. Maybe INNOCENCE 2.


Sophie Curtis Talks INNOCENCE, Witches, And Horror Flicks

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